Dr. Artika Tyner Selected By In Black Inc. to Write A Children's Book ReflectIng the Values of Rondo

In September 1956, construction began on the Federal highway I-94 through the heart of the predominantly African-American Rondo community in St. Paul, Minnesota…A Thriving African-American Community Disrupted by the I-94 Highway Construction
By: Dr. Artika Tyner, PPGJLI
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SAINT PAUL, Minn. - Jan. 31, 2018 - PRLog -- Written by Dr. Artika R. Tyner, Joey's Adventure in Rondo, serves as a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs to make a difference in their communities.  Dr. Tyner, a passionate educator, author, dynamic speaker and community advocate, grew up in the Rondo neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota.

The book reflects the strong values of Rondo, which Dr. Tyner holds near and dear to her heart to this day.  These values reflect the importance of education, the dignity of work, religion and faith, home ownership, securing economic independence, social interaction, hope for a better tomorrow, and respect for self and family. "As a passionate educator and community advocate, my vision for the book was inspired by the place I've called home my entire life and the youth from my community who I witnessed blossom into leaders before my own eyes," said Dr. Artika Tyner.

About Joey's Adventure In Rondo

Joey grew up in a historical African American neighborhood called Rondo during the 1940's. On his weekly Saturday adventure with his grandpa, he learns about the rich cultural heritage of his community and the power of entrepreneurship. Rondo was a thriving African American community with doctors, lawyers, dentists, restaurants and retail shops.  The history of Rondo was drastically changed in 1956 when construction began on the government erected new highway U.S. Interstate 94, which went directly through the Rondo community. The highway destroyed the economic engine of Rondo's prosperous community.

The book will be released at the July Rondo Commemorative Celebration by In Black Inc., in partnership with Rondo Neighborhood Inc., and the Minnesota Humanities Center.  In the meantime, Dr. Tyner's recently released children's book, Justice Makes A Difference, is now available at Minnesota History Center's gift shop and online at: https://shop.mnhs.org/collections/whats-new/products/justice-makes-a-difference-the-story-of-miss-freedom-fighter-esquire

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