Novaterra (Brazil) and Planet Alpha (US) Ink Agreement to Urgently Address Deforestation in the Amazon

The Amazon hosts one-third of Earth's rainforest and is home to Indigenous People and endangered flora and fauna. The companies are joining forces to urgently reverse the trending loss of forest now at an annual rate of 27% increase over 2016 involving 7,893 square kilometers of deforestation.
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & RIO DE JANEIRO - Jan. 29, 2018 - PRLog -- Earth's natural resources, particularly forests, are widely acknowledged to be under threat of destruction by deforestation. For example, new data for the Amazon show a surprising jump in deforestation of 27% trending higher relative to previous years. Novaterra (NT) and Planet Alpha Corp (PAC) will jointly develop projects in the Amazon to urgently address deforestation by linking directly measured carbon sequestration and reversal of deforestation to revenue. The approach is open to individuals, communities, large and small private companies, non-governmental agencies and governments. The goal of reversing deforestation should be achievable with tangible incentives for stakeholders. Novaterra specializes in remote sensing while PAC specializes in patented greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement-to-monetization field platforms.

"Novaterra is pleased to join PAC as in-country partner to help plan and engage new areas as carbon sinking projects, in an ecosystem approach; our expectation is to help PAC to find new areas where local stakeholders are interested in more sustainable ways of using their land and this can mean a more carbon-efficient agriculture or a forest restoration program, " remarked Carlos Jamel, CEO, Novaterra. Novaterra is a Brazilian company operating since 2004, specializing in remote sensing for environmental and infrastructure projects.

The quest to reverse and slow deforestation is not new with efforts largely failing to halt deforestation in the Amazon that is now estimated to be 27% per year. "The goal of the effort underway is to provide direct high frequency GHG measurement infrastructure across project areas to verify forest carbon sequestration gain/loss. Further, without project and ecosystem boundaries, provided by Novaterra, GHG measurement and reduction claims are simply not valid," remarked Bruno D.V. Marino, CEO of PAC. PAC's philosophy is to engage and support communities who live in the forest to manage and protect flora and fauna with economic benefits.

The partners have selected initial projects including government and private protected areas and operationally organized farmlands. The protected areas offer the opportunity to measure carbon balance of native forest stands over the long-term (e.g., decades). The networks of farms – self organized as cooperatives and local associations or organized within a supply chain – offer different opportunities for intervention and carbon balance validation, ranging from landscape and water catchment environmental planning to best practices in agriculture and environmental compliance of farm products.

Besides Amazonia, the critically threatened Atlantic Rain Forest is one of the World's biodiversity hotspots. Originally this complex of ecosystems (forests, mangroves, sandbars vegetation and wetlands) covered a large portion of the Brazilian Atlantic Coast (1,315,460 km2) but remains today at only 12.5% of this area. The joint efforts will also aim to help forest and biodiversity recovery at this extensive and densely populated part of Brazil.

The projects may be developed with investment in PAC's Regulation A+ Tier II Offering (Series A Preferred Stock, $10/share, up to 5,000,000 shares, Circular and risks:  available to accredited and non-accredited investors. " The Planet Alpha Reg A+ approach combines an innovative bona fida forest carbon equity investment with the desire for public participation in climate change mitigation; we have to think outside-of-the-box to fund climate finance with tangible GHG reduction products," commented Marino. Direct measurement of GHG's also address implementation of the Paris Agreement now ratified by 174 countries.

About Planet Alpha Corp. PAC  is a for-profit carbon products company whose mission is to reduce emissions of CO2 and greenhouse gases by restoring nature.  We differentiate ourselves from other carbon product companies by deploying carbon measurement infrastructure on forest lands to accurately measure carbon offsets for sale as carbon securities  and carbon products. There is no cost to the landowner. We are, we believe, making a positive contribution to the cause of reforestation by supporting forest landowners for their reduction of CO2 emissions through forest tree planting, growth, conservation, and management.

About Novaterra. Novaterra ( is a consultancy and geoinformation company established since 2004 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For 14 years the companies multidisciplinary and project oriented team has been working on environmental planning and conservation projects, as well as in environmental compliance of infrastructure projects all over Brazilian territory.

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