Top 5 Benefits of Salt Therapy

By: Rain Wellness Spa
The Saltonstall Cave at Rain Wellness Spa in Branford, CT
The Saltonstall Cave at Rain Wellness Spa in Branford, CT
BRANFORD, Conn. - Jan. 24, 2018 - PRLog -- People across the country are embracing a popular spa treatment known as Halotherapy, or Salt Therapy, where you relax in rooms made of salt and breathe in salt-infused air.

Following are reasons why Salt Therapy is beneficial to your health.

Top 5 benefits of Salt Therapy:


Salt Therapy helps you breathe easier.

In a 2006 study from the European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, people with asthma reported breathing easier after several weeks of regular Halotherapy treatments. A New England Journal of Medicine study in 2006 found that inhaling salt-infused vapor improved breathing for patients with cystic fibrosis.


Salt Therapy helps reduce signs of aging

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and the most visual reminder that time passes. Incorporating dry salt therapy into your skin care routine helps reduce signs of aging. Studies show that dry salt helps balance the skin's ph level and increase elasticity, making your skin look and feel healthier. Salt therapy also helps stimulate cell turnover, repairing and regenerating the skin. Regular and consistent dry salt sessions help people with skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, inflammation, dermatitis, acne and rosacea.


Salt Therapy helps reduce stress

Salt Therapy helps reduce anxiety and headaches. When used in conjunction with yoga, Halotherapy enhances relaxation and meditation. It also helps you get a better night's sleep.


Salt Therapy is good for your lungs

In Hungary, salt therapy treatment is recommended by doctors and covered by health insurance. The most popular cave was set up by a Polish physician 150 years ago after discovering that salt miners did not suffer from lung diseases.


Salt Therapy is good for your overall emotional and physical well-being

The calming and detoxifying effects of Halotherapy support the immune system. Salt Therapy helps improve brain function, regulate blood pressure and carry nutrients to your cells. Halotherapy has been around for thousands of years in Europe and the Middle East. Since the 1200's, Europeans have reaped the healing benefits that come from sitting in a salt-filled cave.

Salt Therapy is available in Connecticut's Shoreline at Rain Wellness Spa in Branford. The Saltonstall Cave at Rain Wellness Spa is a relaxation room built of Himalayan salt designed specifically to enjoy the amazing benefits of Halotherapy.

About Rain Wellness Spa

Rain Wellness Spa is a women-owned day spa located in Branford, CT that offers massage, facials, body treatments among other professional spa treatments and services. Rain Wellness is the only spa in Connecticut's Shoreline that offers Salt Therapy. Rain Wellness was created as a place of peace and tranquility for its clients, promoting a relaxing and luxurious spa environment. Rain Wellness Spa celebrates its 10th anniversary as a women-owned business this year. For more information, visit

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