The BEE Exchange PBC, Building the Newest Digital Infrastructure: Relative Growth

Max Davis the founder of the new BEE Exchange PBC introduces fresh perspectives for the near future that will cause businesses and institutions to provide relative growth for the people who make them what they are. In time for DAVOS to notice.
Updating the commerce equation...
Updating the commerce equation...
CHICAGO - Jan. 22, 2018 - PRLog -- The Time Has Come. Thomas Piketty, Robert Reich, Noam Chomsky, Yanis Varoufakis, Christine Lagarde, Paul Kruger, Barack Obama, Joeseph Stiglitz, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and many more influential economists, innovators and philosophers agree that capitalism is unsustainable in its present state. Get the update. The inequalities are getting worse and it is really not the wealthy's fault so much as it is the systemic prioritization of profits over humanity and ultimately this unnatural competitive philosophy to exploit and marginalize the masses will end badly. What is natural is that we ALL need a sense of purpose and growth to thrive. When you grow, I grow.

Most would agree that capitalism in its present state has produced a highly advanced society, but now it is time to make it right. People have suffered too long under this boom and bust cycling whereas businesses and institutions get consistently saved by the masses they marginalized only to turn around and re-marginalize those masses all over again but not because they are evil, it is because the system would collapse if they did not!

The Time Has Come. Consider this: The basic equation of commerce is most of the problem. The math of a commercial financial transaction will never work in the people's favor until we balance the equation to do so. A percentage of every dollar spent should be treated as an investment credit for the buyer by the business that took in that dollar. Every participating business can offer a different credit to attract more customers but in effect, the consumer has not only purchased the product or service, but also a fraction of the most valuable thing which is obviously, GROWTH. The next step is the buyer can trade her earned equities on a new public benefit stock exchange (The BEE Exchange PBC) for buyers of goods and services emulating the style of the wealthy by earning passive wealth trading or, by holding securities of ownership. When you grow, I grow.

This is what people of the world deserve starting from the day they begin consuming. Because, that is the day that they begin investing in the world that we live in. And so, it is only natural that they may participate from the beginning. The consumer spend is the MOST CRITICAL PART of the commerce equation and yet, "the spend" has been excluded from the growth in that transaction primarily because it used to be immeasurable. This inequity causes all kinds of imbalances. And more importantly, every person born into this world IS absolutely entitled to share in the wealth of the world from day one. People don't exist just to serve a profit agenda.  Let the robots do that work.

With the new Digital Infrastructure, the incentive to live a good life is built in. The incentive to live an honest life is built in. What one does with their chips along the way is on them, but I see a world where a 10 year old kid in the ghetto, can look at their phone and track their net worth relative to the real world 24/7. You think the world will be a better place?

The way things are now is unnatural (exploitation, exclusion etc.), but this will soon change thanks to technology and the coming new Digital Infrastructure where consumer transactions can be tracked accordingly and businesses can offer algorithms to attract their customer base accordingly. The bottom line is new forms of ownership for the masses. When you grow, I grow.  Power to the people.

About Buyers Earned Equity Exchange PBC
The BEE Exchange was founded in January 2017 (Delaware) for the purpose of providing a new age restricted security exchange to enable growth for buyers of goods and services.

Max Davis
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