Makeup Gourmet's Announcement of its New MUG Makeup Artist Lab Advances the Training Landscape

Makeup Gourmet Chris Scott Launches a makeup artist training laboratory for students of makeup to obtain highly needed advanced experience and training before entering the professional makeup artist work force.
MUG Makeup Artist Lab led by Makeup Gourmet Chris Scott
MUG Makeup Artist Lab led by Makeup Gourmet Chris Scott
SAN FRANCISCO - Jan. 17, 2018 - PRLog -- Makeup Gourmet is proud to announce the launch of its new Mug Makeup Artist Lab in San Francisco, providing a highly creative and instructive environment for students of makeup to get the vital know-how necessary to succeed as a makeup artist.

According to Makeup Gourmet founder Chris Scott, "This is the missing link between a training makeup artist and being fully prepared to be highly effective in the makeup artist market".

"Mastering an art requires continuous exploration and a repetition of skills until all aspects of this art form becomes second nature," Mr Scott, said. In this new supervised environment, makeup artists have the expertise of #1 Best Seller, FACE WITH A HEART MASTERING AUTHENTIC BEAUTY MAKEUP author Chris Scott as their guide and mentor.

"Once trained, every makeup artist asks, What next? Mug Makeup Artist Lab provides artists the necessary real life environment to help guarantee success before they go out on their own," Scott added.

Makeup Gourmet Studio has a comprehensive list of makeup artist training courses in its curriculum. This edition of The Mug Makeup Artist Lab is the safety net that students are looking for to confirm and grow their expertise. The confidence and advancement of their skill set is all that is needed to forge out and create a name for themselves.

The concept is simple. Practice your art and have a master of that art available to answer and demonstrate every question on the spot.

Mr. Scott believes that repetition is the best practice for being the best. "It is one thing to learn the scales on the piano, it is another thing to play the scales and make it sound like music. There is no substitute for hours spent practicing when becoming an artist", Scott says.

The Mug Makeup Artist Lab is open every Monday 10am-6pm. This accommodates both the Beauty School student and hairstylist's schedule who are often the demographic seeking makeup artist training.

Mr Scott finished with, "As a successful Makeup Gourmet student once said in full earnest, 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail'."


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