An Extraordinary Ordinary Life: Susan Phillips Bari's Definitive Memoir Sweeps Through Five Decades of Societal Change for Women in the Workforce

Reflections on a Life Well Lived. Before #MeToo Became a Clarion Call, Bari Fought to Create a Career in a Man's World. eBook Released Early By Popular Demand.
By: Wordeee
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Susan Phillips Bari
Susan Phillips Bari
NEW YORK - Jan. 10, 2018 - PRLog -- In Susan Phillips Bari's compelling and timely memoir, she shares valuable lessons learned from her life's journey and the extraordinary people she met along the way. Published by Wordeee and being released on January 12, 2018, An Extraordinary Ordinary Life reveals Bari's steadfast determination to go beyond her family's expectations of a traditional life and society's gender based career restrictions.

And an extraordinary life it became. From becoming the first female independent  Manufacturer's Representative in the textile industry to a Reagan Administration White House Staffer and eventually dedicating her career to furthering the development of women owned businesses and entrepreneurship, Bari charted her own course. She was appointed by President Reagan as chairman of the Council on Women's Business Enterprise and by President Clinton to a term as a member of the National Women's Business Council and was subsequently reappointed by President Bush.

"An Extraordinary Ordinary Life is a tell all, no holds barred tale of a life well lived. "This is a true story of one woman's perseverance. It's an against the odds story that invites you to delve deeper in order to have greater understanding of your own story. Susan Phillips Bari's words resonate. At its epicenter is a timeless story for people of any age. There are passages where you'll see others…and yourself," said Marva Allen, Wordeee CEO and Publisher.

Before #MeToo became a clarion call, Bari fought to create a career in what had previously been a man's world. Harassment took many forms. In addition to specific incidents like when she was told she could "Pick up the order under her pillow," by the buyer of a major client, Bari recalled fighting back against more generalized insults from professors that told off color stories to discourage women from taking business courses to potential employers that crafted "Help Wanted Ads" that would attract men only.

In an incident from her first trade show, Bari recalled, "I went from room to room and asked to speak with the sales manager...I was received with polite skepticism. The first day was a total bust and my feet were killing me after walking all day in  my pencil-skirted suit and high heels, appropriate business attire of the day. I decided to go back to the hotel and put my feet up before changing clothes for an evening reception. So tired and with my mind digesting a day's worth of conversations, I nearly bumped into the approaching hotel security guard in the lobby who apparently mistook me for a "lady in a different profession." In those days, it was rare to see a single woman on her own in a hotel. Had he never seen a woman in a suit and high heels, carrying a brief case and staying alone in a hotel? What did he imagine was in my briefcase? I turned red with a combination of embarrassment and anger. I had to show him my room key and identification before I was allowed to proceed and his smirk told me he was still skeptical. I don't remember his saying he was sorry. There was no apologetic gift from the hotel, no discount on my room charge. Nothing. If he was like many of the men and some of the women of that time, my traveling alone to New York City was considered sin enough."

Bari has created a legacy as a founding architect and the first President of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). She was awarded WBENC's inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 recognizing her passion and many years of service as an innovator, role model, and mentor.

Susan Phillips Bari's imparted wisdom through her actions and words lead Hedy Ratner, Founder and Co-President Emerita of the Women's Business Development Center to state, "She's a force of nature, creative, passionate, committed, with a nature forceful enough to accomplish the impossible."

"Susan Phillips Bari has written an interesting and moving memoir of her life. I have been her friend for 25 years and have learned so much from her as a leader and a role model. Indeed, what started out as an ordinary life ultimately was filled with the unexpected and the excited. Anyone who reads this book cannot but come away with new ideas and a guide to success," recounted Marsha Firestone, Ph.D., President and Founder of the Women Presidents' Organization.

Today, Bari is undeniably likable and accessible. In addition to a coast-to-coast book tour for An Extraordinary Ordinary Life, she has forged her third career as a public speaker, mentor, and expert commentator. She has provided keynote addresses to universities, women's business organizations and myriad corporations across the country. Having her own blog, "Wisdom from an Ordinary Life," she reflects and continues to share wisdom gained through her extraordinary life's journey.

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