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BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Dec. 29, 2017 - PRLog -- As the world becomes more connected, our creative cultures are evolving with one another merging us into this diversal collective creative state we all share. On a daily basis new apps and new technology are being developed making us more creative in ways we never imagined (IphoneLife).  Skill-sets and interests are being created due to the ease and simplified processes these applications and software's have laid out for us; apps simplifying the music creation process, apps making it easier to design photos and create graphics, and even our phones can now create professional images only possible on professional cameras just a few years back (Engadget).


There are many resources online, on our devices and in our pockets we can benefit from to exercise our creative potential, but with the other forms of entertainment we often gravitate towards, this is often missed and overlooked--A serious case of social distraction and information/content-overload.  While it can be healthy to stay up-to-date with family and friends, or good for business to keep up with trends and todays thought-leaders, the unlimited newsfeed is causing many of us to enter into these brief periods of 'online black holes'.

Whether it's watching one YouTube video after the next, or scrolling down liking, sharing content to kill time - time, something extremely valuable to us, is being wasted.  Time is what is needed to excel, practice a craft or skill. Time is what is needed to enjoy a hobby.  Time, or the lack of, is a common excuse for people who say they want to do explore their creative interests, but don't have "time" to.  But one scroll through a newsfeed can often lead to longer period of time necessary spent on social media.  There is nothing wrong with maintaining a healthy social ecosystem, in fact its often required for some businesses and industries, however there needs to be some regulation, especially for those with some type of creative passion that A) never have the time for, or B) miss opportunities due to wasting time on newsfeeds. Diversal is working to solve this problem of wasted time, facilitating this paradigm shift of online user behavior to have a more positive and productive-online experience.

Background was originally created in 2010 by Alex Jackson as an advertising platform for his artistic friends to connect with one another.  "I often found myself one day being in a room recording music with a local artist, and hearing him or her wanting some specific graphic design for cover art, or a photos for online presence, and then the next day I would be hanging out with a photograph or graphic designer and hearing them talk about wanting more local clients. I found myself often connecting people, which grew into a passion so I figured, why not create a site that will have all my talented friends on their and they could just find each other like that".

Solution is now designed to create a more productive online experience, as it's constantly evolving to improve the collaborative relations between a content-creator and content seeker. is best understood in three purposes; Discovery, Content-Publishing and its Music Instrumental Catalog.

Content-Publishing— Creating articles on the platform is free to do with options to post and share content.  While encouraged to cover topics related to the arts and content that can be of resourceful and beneficial to others, writers/bloggers are able write about anything creating their own narrative with not a lot of limitations of style.  Artists/Entrepreneurs are also able to utilize these content-publishing for promotional uses, expanding their digital footprint and optimizing their search results, and even request creative services of other artists and organizations.

Discovery—The platform is designed to be highly categorical making searching for content easier to reflect what's being published.  Instead of going to a site and being forced to see content, you the user navigates and directs what you see.  Just select your category.  This is also a benefit for A&R's, or other execs and professionals in the industry looking for specific talent.

Music Instrumental Catalog—The music instrumental catalog or how Diversal refers to as 'Vibe Catalog' is designed to be an interactive music instrumental catalog for music creators and music seekers.  Music creators can upload their catalog of instrumentals for Music seekers to then find by searching for a particular vibe.  It's purpose is to facilitate the collaborate relationship between the independent music producer/composer and someone needing music for their visual, business or music project.  With the catalog, music producers can skip the headache of trying to pinpoint what the potential client wants, emailing drafts of music back and forth. By putting independent catalogs in the music seekers hands, they have a better way of not only finding what they really want, but access to music that is way better than the commercial elevator music that can be found on other royalty-free sites.

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The word "Diversal" is defined as being diverse in this collective creative state we all share. is a multi-functional platform for independent content-creators and talent seekers to discover and share content.


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