Young Filmmaker Peter Alexander Releases Latest Film, "The Centenarian"

Writer-Director continues 110-year-long family legacy in movies with shadow government thriller
By: Alexander Productions
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Writer/Director, Peter Alexander discusses pivotal scene with actors.
Writer/Director, Peter Alexander discusses pivotal scene with actors.
MIAMI - Jan. 1, 2018 - PRLog -- Young filmmaker, Peter Alexander, has released his latest film project, the short-form motion picture, "The Centenarian." Alexander, 20, wrote, directed, and edited the 40 minute production. The film was produced over the summer and fall of 2017 in South Florida, and is currently entered in multiple film festivals nationwide. Alexander produced the film in partnership with actor/producer, Johnathan Bezianis, and his company, Damaged Goods Productions.

Some industry veterans are taking notice.

"This kid's built quite a reputation for pulling together young, aspiring actors and crew members and turning them loose on a zero budget," says, longtime Los Angeles-based producer, Charles Lerner, who screened "The Centenarian" before its official release. "He's got vision and imagination beyond his years. He's a real student of the craft, and has an appreciation for cinema history as well. I'm really eager to see what he could accomplish with some dollars in the till."

Alexander wrote and directed his first film three years ago, while still in high school.

"This is a departure from my previous projects — feature-legnth student films on a shoestring budget," Peter Alexander says. "I wanted to try my hand at a short film this time and really focus on tight, clean storytelling. Without giving away too much, it's the tale of a bounty hunter who unwillingly gets tied in with a shadow government agency, and their deep, dark secret."

Peter also teamed up with his father, Tom Alexander, who scored the film, and has a small part.

"We often work across the hall from each other," Peter continues. "I'll be in the middle of editing a scene, while my father is in the other room working out a piece of music for the film. It's pretty cool."

The evolution can be seen with each project and Alexander feels he's ready to tackle something bigger. The Alexanders, father and son, are teaming up on a new script for a horror film. "We're already on to the next thing. We both like good, smart horror stories and want to push the envelope story-wise with this one," Peter says. "And I think we are."

Peter continues a more than century-long legacy in movies that began when great-grandfather, Thomas Alexander (Alexopoulos), emigrated from Mycenae, Greece in 1898.

"My grandfather was a chocolatier who saw an ad for a movie projector in the back of a magazine," Tom Alexander says. "One thing led to another and suddenly, in 1907, he found himself in the nickelodeon business, then neighborhood theatres and eventually, movie palaces. He even wound up funding one-reel silent comedies for Paramount for a time. My dad and his brothers continued the movie theatre tradition. I worked and grew up in the theatres too. In 1988 when the last theatre closed, I got in on the screenwriting and music side of the business. Now here's Peter contining the family journey. It's incredible to watch how a fourth generation has taken the gauntlet and blazed new trails."

Is a move from Miami to LA for the youngest Alexander in the cards? It's a pretty good bet. "It's where everything is happening. Hopefully, my parents will tag along," Peter Alexander adds with a smile. "We're a real team. The legacy continues, and it all began in a chocolate shop in 1907."


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