ECIPS President Baretzky Stop Corruption and Financing Islamist Groups in Europe

President of Ecips "Join our Glorious Mission " Root Out All Corruption " at Europe APEMA European Press Arab Nations held at the Belgium Federal Parliament Brussels European Union.
BRUSSELS - Dec. 29, 2017 - PRLog -- The European Press Association for the Arab Nations World APEMA in collaboration with European Centre for Information Policy and Security ECIPS "Stop Financing Islamist Groups in Europe: results, obstacles and solutions ? Terror Financing" at the Belgium Federal Parliament Brussels.

President Ricardo Baretzky Warning Speech, Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Honorary President APEMA, today we are here to look at the facts, the growing risks of terror financing escalating rapidly in the EU, with little to none effective measures to combat it.

Today we have to see what is the real situation, and the corruption around it , over 216 people lost their lives in the last two years in Europe due to terror attacks. These are people from all cultures, many of whom are true hard working people and innocent. It shows us just how serious the situation has become since the first Counter Terrorism Summit held in London 2014.

Focus on the facts, not philosophical propaganda, but the facts only.  No matter how shocking it stare us in the face, or how disruptive it might be , we must ask ourselves  to look the facts in the eye before it stare at us.

These are the facts, I want you to look very closely and look,  very , very, to what is in my hand.

These are the facts:

Here in my hand, is a secure device, its known and a INFOSEC Secure encrypted device, On this device, I have the names of every agent that is corrupt  around the globe,  their photos and all relative data. All the details of their involvement in aiding foreign finance supporting terror financing to the Muslim Brotherhood in the Islamic state, extended to all countries around the globe for last 10 years. And trust me, all of them is on here. All !..

So let's begin here. ECIPS and CyberPOL knows who you are, not only do we know who you are, but where you committed your crimes of corruption, and let me be even more precise, which government agency you work for ! .. Explicit material ?.. You will be surprised to know how deep this corruption of foreign financing goes.

All necessary information to identify and bring to justice those responsible for countless terror and corruption is on here, but most importantly their finance information. My message to you. It's time to get worried as your corruption is about to hit the big stage.  Not Hollywood, not Bollywood but the "CORRUPTIONWOOD"

Let me reaffirm to the world today and to all media here present, all the terror corruption finances bank account details including the current amounts in the "BLACK ONYX CREDIT CARDS", updated second by second, deposits amounting to a staggering $47 Billion profits made on corruption trade in the aiding of terror organizations is now known to ECIPS and CYBERPOL. I will also tell you this, Let me assure you, all of those involved are currently and constantly under CyberPOL watchdog since discovery, no matter where you think you are hiding.

I also point out, this once and for all proves Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar's involvement on this issue in the aiding of terror finances, and these remains the facts, so let there be no further issues and discussions on this as I will have no problem bring to justice those involved by remote seizure and control.

8 days ago CyberPOL the sister of ECIPS announced it was officially mandated to probe into the global digital time stamping IPO fraud. I can confirm that this probe investigation stretches to over 5 continents and 136 countries .

We now have learned that every single digital time stamp since 2009 is potentially unlawful and illegal whilst many has profited from this development within the EU and countless other countries. Let me tell you what makes this so significant and important and separates it from all other IPO fraud cases.

The facts are:

This invalidates many regulations nationally and internationally and gives CyberPOL antonymous authority to proceed in rooting out corruption on all levels, being it even into micro and subatomic levels. By this development I can confidently say, whilst national laws fails to apply in many cases, Those aiding terror financing by means of foreign financing and AML, can now be held accountable in three basic laws at CYBERPOL and ECIPS disposal, Let me give you a wakeup call. International law, Jewish laws and Muslim laws all three apply and trust me, they all apply,  and if you think we bluff, I urge you to think again and get your legal council first. You might need it.

This effectively means , all those corrupted can be brought to justice without delay, none will be excluded or spared, call it cyber judgment day or whatever you may, it's here, alive and will proceed to bring justice to all those corrupted including those who profits from financing terror. For many it's a day when their corruption number will be written on their foreheads, and made visible to all to see.

I warn those responsible who underestimate these developments . Don't be foolish, don't be stupid and don't think the rules you know apply,  as this provides CyberPOL the authority to authenticate each and every banking transaction committed electronically on international scale, and if you think we are mistaken, I bring to you this glorious mission "ROOT OUT ALL CORRUPTION" this is the tiding of today, Don't fear as we need to protect that which is just, good and innocent with fraternity equality  and justice in fundamental rights.

Thank You,
Ricardo Baretzky
President ECIPS

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