Marshall Barnes Delivers Time Travel Secrets On The Fenton Files - Proves He's The World Leader

Monday night, Marshall Barnes staked his claim as the world leader on time travel and backed it up with new revelations and announced his new article for
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng (All rights reserved)
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng (All rights reserved)
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SAN FRANCISCO - Dec. 13, 2017 - PRLog -- Monday night, Marshall Barnes, the internationally followed advanced concept research and development
engineer, let the world know that he, and no one else, is the leading researcher in the world on time travel. Period. Marshall is proving what the media has ignored for so long, that he really is on the leading edge of time travel research and development. The odds on favorite for some 15 years has been, hands down, at least in the media's mind, Professor Ronald Mallett of the University of Connecticut, but that has begun to change after it began to be reveled that Mallett was involved in a scandal with World Patent Marketing's CEO, Scott J. Cooper. Adding to the ensuing crisis was the fact that Mallett hasn't produced any results from his research and then Marshall not only building the first time machine but establishing the first human time travel test subject program. Once allegations of fraud were successfully applied to Mallett, his support began to drop. The African American Registry and TEDxVienna pulled their online pages and video featuring Mallett and recently, Hyperfizzics energy drink dropped Mallett's image from their website along with the statement that a percentage of their sales were going to his research.

All the while, Marshall has continued to advance new developments, including the series of physical experiments that prove parallel universes are real, something that Mallett arrogantly claimed couldn't be possible to know until his time machine is built.

"Yeah, and we'd still be waiting on that!" Marshall laughs. "That was one of the key things that proves that Mallett is no time travel scientist. He said that in the film, The World's First Time Machine, but all of us real time travel researchers knew there was the possibility of Rainer Plaga's 1995 proposed experiment to work. In fact, Mallett, who works with lasers, could've tried it himself, but he's a fraud - he's not a time travel scientist. He's only ever looked at General Relativity and that's a pretty piss poor approach to research, if you ask me".

(at 1:57 on the video counter, Ronald Mallett makes the statement that proves he's not a time travel scientist but just promoting his one idea for a time machine.)

On The Fenton Files, hosted by Lorien Fenton and carried on the KCOR Digital Radio Network, Marshall talked about Plaga and how his own experiments with retrocausality confirmed that Plaga was right when he got similar results as Plaga predicted, results pointing toward the existence of parallel universes which would also be the result of any attempts to time travel to the past.

Marshall was asked about his background and how he got his start. He revealed a varying background in entertainment, music and video technology, optics and more. Marshall is a natural genius who worked hard, getting hands on experience instead of going to college, which came out when he was asked by a caller, via text message, what degrees he has and where he went to school. However, he stressed that he's always found ways to get hands on experience and to prove his worth and now, he has a track record of accomplishment that few PhDs if any can match. He then proved his knowledge superiority by echoing a number of the points in Just In Time for 2018: The Current Truth About Time Travel, an article that he wrote for the web site, Some of those points are that despite the fact that physicists say how you can travel to the future in a rocket ship that travels near the speed of light, the truth is, rockets aren't readily available and you can't reach that kind of velocity, so it's not an option. After discussing that for a while he surprised Lorien by revealing a list of what you need to know in order to actually work on time travel for real.

"It's not the theories of relativity, although they're good to know, to be well rounded and understand things like time dilation," Marshall explained. "Here's the list - the 2 relativity theories, teleparallelism, temporal mechanics, quantum mechanics, black holes, wormholes, information theory, chaos mathematics, Rene Thom's catastrophe theory, crystallography, closed time-like curves, quantum tunneling, EPR paradox, spooky action at a distance, quantum teleportation, the theory of conditioning EM fields, tesseracts, retrocausality, it from bit, the Everett/Wheeler hypothesis and the participatory universe".

"Wow!," Lorien remarked. "That's what you need to know to have a well rounded background," Marshall continued, "and to be able to work on time travel. Without that, you're not even qualified to have the conversation and that's why all of these physicists talking about time travel are usually wrong."

Every single subject in that has a purpose, Marshall explained, and although the secret to time travel. overall. lies at the confluence of information theory and quantum mechanics, those 24 subject areas are the foundation upon which the science of time travel is built.

Marshall is currently working organizing projects for the coming year, as well as continuing the research into the most effective method of triggering into existence, new parallel universe copies of the past, a feat that will make time travel to the past immediately successful, in addition to a new book and his other efforts to make time travel not just a reality but more readily understood. You can read his Higgypop article at

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