Dancehall Star Set to Release New Album Amid Threats of Nuclear War

Amid rising tensions, International Reggae Dancehall Star Melekel is set to release his latest studio album "The Numbers Man" on December 23; thirty years after the Reggae Legend Peter Tosh released his Grammy winning "No Nuclear War."
The Numbers Man Front Cover
The Numbers Man Front Cover
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Dec. 13, 2017 - PRLog -- In 1987 Peter Tosh released his seventh and final recorded album entitled "No Nuclear War," which was awarded the Grammy for best Reggae album in 1988. The Reggae icon's last studio album was released during the peak of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union; presently Russia and marked a crucial turning point for Reggae artist involvement in world affairs across the diaspora.

Thirty years after Tosh's monumental achievement and global plead for no nuclear war, International Reggae and Dancehall Star Melekel is set to drop "The Numbers Man" a new 10 Track CD that includes the fearless and spirited Selloff, Me Own Things, Wicked and Gun Man World among others. The Dancehall Superstar's album is set to release amidst the real and uncertain danger of a Nuclear War event between Donald Trump's United States and Kim Jung Ung's North Korea.

"The Numbers Man" which is sure to garner multiple considerations during award season due to its high content of social commentary; includes the controversial One More Time, a tough and uncompromising track where Melekel directly addresses the ongoing issue of selectors, program managers and radio disc jockeys exercising bias in Dancehall.

The realistic true-to-life Panama Bankah projects the braggadocios idea of the existence of a large sum account under the artist's name in a major bank in Panama City. This is reminiscent of the various world leaders, famous athletes and movie stars; who use the country's financial institutions as a safe haven for billions of US dollars and were exposed earlier in 2017 during the release of the notorious Panama Papers.

In his new release, Melekel brings an uncanny edge and bravado loved by fans across the Caribbean, North America and Europe. The Album is due to release as a download on December 23, by a Major Label on all digital music platforms, including the artist's own website With high looming expectations, "The Numbers Man" is more likely than other releases in the same category to propel a single onto the Billboard 100 based on a catchy style of Reggae that has blended well with popular modern music.

Although Melekel's Studio Album does not include a holiday theme track for the Christmas Season, the body of work highlights the realities of a world that once again faces the present threat of Nuclear War and must struggle to move forward into a more positive era, ushered by a musical revolution that began with Peter Tosh thirty years ago. He "wishes his fans a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year."

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