Securities Attorney D Daxton White

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Securities Attorney D Daxton White
Securities Attorney D Daxton White
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Dec. 1, 2017 - PRLog -- Securities Attorney D Daxton White

So, what exactly is securities law?  A security can be several things.  It can be a stock, representing ownership of a company in part or whole. A security can be a bond. A bond is similar to IOU from a company to an individual.  Or, a security can be an option, which is the right to purchase something at a prearranged price at some point in the future. Corporations, governments, and individuals buy and sell securities as a way of investing and growing their money.

Determining which security to acquire and from which company necessitates detailed investigation and analysis.  The federal government has laws that require any company that sells securities to honestly report their assets, liabilities, and other accounting facts on a regular basis.  They do this because many people rely on securities investments to save money. These laws guarantee that people do not use their money buying securities that are certain to flop. The government also has laws that preclude securities buyers from taking an unfair advantage by using inside information to buy or sell stock. There are additional laws that govern what stockbrokers may do on behalf of their clients. These groups of laws encompass securities law.  When in need of a top level securities attorney ( D Daxton White should be on the short list to call.

There are some important terms to know and understand concerning securities laws.  The first of these terms is Unauthorized Trading. This defines a trade that a broker might make without specific authorization from a client. Another important term is Churning, which happens when a broker makes multiple trades for the client without the client's permission.  This is done only to boost commissions.

Most everyone has heard the term Insider Trading.  This means that if someone with confidential information trades stock based that confidential information, that person is guilty of insider trading.  Then there is the well-known Class Action Lawsuit.  This is a lawsuit with a multiple plaintiffs who all have the same or substantially similar complaints.

Securities attorneys work in multiple arenas. Sometimes, these attorneys work for large corporations to help keep these corporations in compliance with securities laws. Securities attorneys may also work as litigators in both civil and criminal courts. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which governs federal securities laws, employs securities attorneys to ensure that companies and traders are following securities law.

Call securities attorney D Daxton White ( for assistance and rock solid guidance on securities.

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