Hyperfizzics Apparently Surrenders Support for Ronald Mallett, In Wake of Marshall Barnes' Victories

In what looks like a move to distance themselves, from UConn's Ronald Mallett , long time Mallett allies, the founders of the so-called "smart drink", Hyperfizzics, have removed Mallett's likeness and a statement of support, from their website.
SEATTLE - Dec. 2, 2017 - PRLog -- In yet another apparent set back for UConn's "time travel scientist", Ronald Mallett, founders of the so-called energy drink, Hyperfizzics, Richard David Smith III and wife Shethy Luve Smith, have pulled their image of Mallett, with the statement they would be donating a percentage of drink sales to his research efforts, from their web site, Hyperfizzics.com. Archive.org doesn't have a copy of the original site but you can see there is no mention of Mallett anywhere, whereas on Twitter, on March 10, 2013, Smith tweeted,

"@ThisAmerLife episode w/Ronald Mallett,whos time travel project we want to donate portion of #HyperFizzics sales...".

Even as late March of this year, when FTC cracked down on Mallett's ally, World Patent Marketing and its founder, Scott J, Cooper, a tweet from the company account said,

"HyperFizzics‏ @HyperFizzics Mar 30

Raise a can of HyperFizzics to the birthday of Dr. Ronald Mallett! (@RLMallett)"

Marshall Barnes, the internationally followed, R&D engineer and staunch critic and former victim of Ronald Mallett's chicanery - costing him thousands, responded with,

"Replying to @HyperFizzics @RLMallett
Ronald Mallett is a fraud & here's his pals vimeo.com/176076385  & what they've done https://www.truthinadvertising.org/ftc-sues-operators-all... … Stop promoting FRAUDS"

"At that point I was almost as much at war with Hyperfizzics as I am with Mallett," Marshall stated. "Look - they were there promoting him when they knew better. At that point, where it was known that Mallett was involved in fraudulent activities and Smith and Shethy chose to still support him, I was like screw 'em. They became targets, as well".

Well now, that, as well as victories for Marshall in exposing Mallett as a fraud, costing Mallett support from the African American Registry and TEDxVienna, with threats of more action in the works, seems to have caused Hyperfizzics to drop their public support for Mallett from their site. Marshall's expansion of his war, included a campaign of occasional Twitter attacks against Hyperfizzics, with the theme of questioning the quality of the "smart drink" because of how its founders were behaving.

Paranovation Blog‏ @Paranovation Jul 6

All of you fools, like  HyperFizzics, who supported the Ronald Mallett FRAUD, will be tarred forever for what you've done. MORE IS COMING!

Paranovation Blog‏ @Paranovation May 3

Replying to @RDS3attle @RLMallett and 2 others

What do you see in that fraud Ronald Mallett, Rich? FTC has shut down his TimeTravel X. You're proof HyperFizzics doesn't make you smart.

Paranovation Blog‏ @Paranovation Apr 16

Looks like the HyperFizzics Ronald Mallett CHEERING SQUAD has FIZZLED. How smart can that drink be, when the founders are so F*ing STUPID!?

Paranovation Blog‏ @Paranovation Apr 14

What I want to know is will HyperFizzics donate to a fund to help people SCAMMED by Ronald Mallett's Time Travel X, since they hyped him?

Paranovation Blog‏ @Paranovation Apr 12

Hyperfizzics has egg on their face - now Ronald Mallett is going down in flames. I guess that smart drink of theirs doesn't work so well...

Paranovation Blog‏ @Paranovation Apr 4

HyperFizzics calls Ronald Mallett "great" He was running a scam with WPM - https://vimeo.com/176076385  The FTC says -

Paranovation Blog‏ @Paranovation Apr 3

Unfortunately for Ronald Mallett morons, flunkies & useful idiots (like #HyperFizzics), more disasters are in store for their hero, soon.

Paranovation Blog‏ @Paranovation Apr 2

If the inventors of #HyperFizzics (https://twitter.com/hashtag/HyperFizzics?src=hash) don't care about truth in advertising, it makes me wonder about HyperFizzics. They endorse Ronald Mallett!

Marshall makes no secret concerning the utter disdain he holds for the drink founders, and refuses to acknowledge whether he'll ever forgive them for what he sees as enabling a fraud.

"They represent to me the total hypocrisy that I see so much these days. Just declaring how smart Mallett is and how he's going to make time travel real when all this time he's been nothing more than a liar and a fraud. People like that, I don't even want their support - their too stupid to be fans of mine. I like smart fans and I have them from around the world. Mallett's morons can take their adulation straight to Hell, as far as I'm concerned. They've completely destroyed my faith in a certain demographic, so I can no longer promote to them, I just have to do what I do and if people find out about it and like it,. then so be it."

Marshall Barnes' enemies are no longer laughing. He's proven true to his word that when it comes to competitive creativity, he is an Alexander the Great, defeating forces that out number and out resource him in many ways. Ronald Mallett is paying the worst price - as Marshall has sworn to never stop destroying his name, record and reputation in relation to the subject of time travel, even after the scientist has died. Mallett's back stabbing, lies and fraud, have unleashed a deep hatred in Marshall that's found its expression both in the traditions of brilliance and brutality of the ancient heroes whose legends Marshall was raised on. Marshall is unwavering in his resolve to seal Ronald Mallett's fate in infamy and ignominy.

"The day is coming when I will finally kill this false image of Ronald Mallett, as a time travel scientist who found the answers, this damnable fraud. And when I do, I will show Mallett the same mercies Achilles showed Hector at the walls of Troy, with one exception - I will drag his name through the dirt forever."

(see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ62frK74u0 )

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