ESports takes Ethereum by Storm as Price of ETH Soars to All Time Highs

NYC gaming startup Gizer, issuing their GZR token in a Nov. 30 token sale, has taken a number of measures to ensure their project does not fall victim to the investor wariness surrounding the lack of transparency in some ICOs.
By: Gizer Inc
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NEW YORK - Nov. 29, 2017 - PRLog -- ​Cryptocurrency trading has skyrocketed in recent months, as has the number of companies issuing Initial Coin Offerings. In spite of their increasing popularity, issuers are still wary about impending SEC regulations, which has led the majority of projects to avoid accepting U.S. investment altogether. The U.S is the number one investor economy in the world, (source: unctad), yet so few companies are confident enough in the utility of their issued tokens to take a firm stance and welcome U.S contributions into their public crowd sales. This has led to an issue, where U.S cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are not accredited investors cannot find sound projects to contribute to.​ To combat the issue, NYC-based gaming startup Gizer has enlisted the help of securities law powerhouse Cooley LLP, and partnered with KYC/AML platform SAFT Launch.​ Gizer is advised on legal issues by Cooley LLP, a recognized leader in blockchain technology law and one of the world's top 50 law firms, according to American Lawyer magazine's Global 100.

The ICO explosion of 2017 can be mostly attributed to the growth of the Ethereum blockchain, and the ease with which Ethereum permits the creation of new tokens using the ERC20 standard. While the popularity of ERC20 tokens has skyrocketed, there still exists a major problem holding back mainstream adoption of tokens in industries like gaming. The issue is that in order to transact on the Ethereum network, token holders must hold enough ETH in their wallets to pay 'gas', the network fee which incentivizes people to lend their CPU power and execute programs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Gizer has tackled this problem by implementing new Ethereum technology, allowing transactions to be signed by a third party which will pay gas on behalf of the user. When a GZR holder initiates a transaction with someone, a small piece of GZR will be taken by the Service in order to pay the gas fee. This means that any token holder who wants to transact on the network, can essentially pay gas in GZR, rather than requiring ETH in their wallet as well. This is a huge step forward in mainstream adoption because the gamer demographic will be able to acquire GZR from Gizer's mobile applications and be able to use the tokens without the prerequisite of buying Ether.

Ethereum isn't the only thing experiencing a meteoric rise. The global gaming industry has also reached all time highs, with the mobile gaming sector accounting for nearly 50% of the $100bn+ industry. Growing approximately 20% year over year, mobile gaming continues to take the world by storm; Gizer aims to position itself as the premier network in the mobile eSports space.

Gizer has put a strong emphasis on protecting investors and token purchasers. The highest bonus available to the public is the 15% bonus, which will only be available on November 30th, 2017 @ 14:00 UTC. The presale bonus will only be available to the first 100 contributors.

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