In Time For His Birthday, The Parallel Universes of Hugh Everett Now Proven Fact

From a series of experiments begun last year, and now approaching 20, internationally noted R&D engineer Marshall Barnes now has enough overwhelming evidence to declare Hugh Everett's many world's interpretation of quantum mechanics a fact.
A young Hugh Everett III
A young Hugh Everett III
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WASHINGTON - Nov. 9, 2017 - PRLog -- In 1957, Hugh Everett, then a PhD student at Princeton, formulated his now famous interpretation of quantum mechanics which stated that parallel universes solved the collapse of the wave function. It was met with much skepticism and would end up causing Everett to leave academia. However, years later, the concept has gained a following - making it the 2nd ranked interpretation of quantum mechanics worldwide. Until now, however, there was no solid proof that it was accurate. In fact, CERN's Mir Faizal told the media just last year that such parallel universes were mere philosophy and that he was trying to find real universes in higher dimensions. He failed, but internationally noted R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes, did what Faizal claimed was impossible. He devised an experiment that produced results that matched predictions made by Rainer Plaga in 1995, on what evidence would be for parallel universe detection.

Marshall has identified what he calls the "Five Factors" that are present in his experiments which support his contentions concerning parallel universes. He will release them in a paper on Everett's birthday, Saturday. In brief, the Five Factors are:

1. Interpretation: These experiments are based on a reinterpretation by Marshall Barnes of delayed choice, and other so-called, retocausality tests, first proposed by the late brilliant physicist, John Archibald Wheeler. This interpretation says that these experiments, which were thought to be examples of changing the past, were already creating new parallel universe copies of the present but with  different pasts. The result is called, "discontinuous", with the cause of the change being in the original universe and not the new one that contains the new, result. That is why laser hits appear without cause - the cause is in the original universe.

2. Prediction: Marshall not only predicted that these experiments would be possible in his 2013 special report to select members of the U.S. Congress, "Paradox Lost", the results of the experiments match the type of results predicted in 1995 and then published in 1997 in the journal, Foundations of Physics by German astrophysicist Rainer Plaga.

3. Observation: These experiments have been performed past the 11 different ways that were covered in a special report on the research - now heading towards 20. Each and every one was filmed, an important aspect because no results are possible without analyzing the experiment afterwards. The action, during each experiment, happens too fast for the naked eye to perceive, but with frame by frame analysis, anamolous events can be detected.

4. Participation: These experiments support the Participatory Universe model of John Wheeler, who felt that the universe could be interrogated into participating with our activities. These experiments were expanded to include a variety of ways of testing this premise and included results where it appeared that the universe had been "fooled", including laser hits that hit transparent barriers, in the form of diffraction film supplied by Rainbow Symphony, instead of hitting the detection area behind it.

5. Unification: These experiments show that parallel universes are not only real, but come into existence both, from the superpositional states as identified by Everett, but also as a reaction by the Participatory Universe model of Wheeler. They also enforce a clarification on the nature of time - ruling out all assumed backward in time actions and the standard interpretation of retrocausal experiments themselves. It is impossible to change the past without changing universes. Therefore, these experiments form a unification of various concepts into one wholistic idea on the nature of reality and its true form.

Conclusion: If these experiments aren't proof of parellel universes, then why do they match so many of those things related to that science, fulfill related predictions and finally, how else can laser hits appear from nowhere without CAUSE? The Five Factors provide overwhelming evidence to this work as a major breakthough, demanding consideration because of what it accomplishes - a validation and extension of the theories and predictions of not only Hugh Everett, but Rainer Plaga, and John Archibald Wheeler. Furthermore, it destroys the position of John G. Cramer that "the decades-long endeavor to explicate and fulfill Hugh Everett III's "Relative State nevertheless ill-fated".

Ironically enough, last year, Cramer's own attempt at a retrocausality experiment, using quantum entanglement, finally failed, after a series of false starts over a number of years, something that Marshall believes could have something to do with Cramer's approach to the nature of time.

"I keep getting asked about this, so I am going to review it," Marshall replies, "but I know that he has made comments about affecting the past which my experiments prove are wrong and that also means his own interpretation of quantum mechanics - the transactional interpretation, is wrong. I think that the time is fast coming when this idea of things moving forward and backward in time is going to be dumped completely, in favor of a new model of time, which my experiments are in part, an exhibit of. I'm going to deal with that and more, in my new paper on the Five Factors".

His new paper follows his initial special report, already released, Changing Worlds Like TV Channels (see ( ).

Jake Shisler
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