Does ET Exist? Blue-Ribbon Expert Panel May Stun the World!

Cosmic Life Exposé
Cosmic Life Exposé
CARLSBAD, Calif. - Oct. 31, 2017 - PRLog -- The Cosmic Life Exposé (CLE) announced plans today to officially unveil once "top secret" government evidence and far more to answer the "3-Primary Questions" confounding humankind for millennia:

1.    Does Basic Cosmic Life Exist?

2.    Does Intelligent Cosmic Life Exist?

3.    Has Intelligent Cosmic Life Visited Earth?

In an effort to combat widespread misinformation and institutional censorships, the project begins with a unique, global TV special featuring an international Blue-Ribbon panel of top scientists, technologists, lawyers and experts across multiple fields and disciplines. They will review and analyze "best-in-class" data, evidence, witnesses, studies, reports, facts, and more from around the globe to scientifically, technologically and legally render impartial panel and jury verdicts on the 3-key questions.

The official findings will be announced during the Earth Gala held in New York. The black-tie celebration crowns the 2-day World Concerts to be held in the 10 major cities of Moscow, RioDeJaneiro, Mumbai, Beijing, Mexico City, Rome, Sidney, Istanbul, Johannesburg and Vancouver. Deemed the "must attend celebration of the millennium," the CLE anticipates the largest gathering of world dignitaries, celebrities, royalty and VIPs of industry, government, science, technology, philanthropy, and more ever brought together in human history—all celebrating Humanity-Earth's entrance into the living cosmos era.

The CLE will be independently produced and simulcast by Imajilan™ on TV, satellite, Net, mobile and radio to over 70 countries and more than ½ billion combined viewers. An international symposium is also planned. A portion of CLE net proceeds will benefit global charities Cosmic Sciences International, World Wildlife Fund, Clean Oceans International, Water.Org and Doctors Without Borders.

"Prepare to be stunned," said CLE creator Zelan Bonn. "Not only are we making planetary history, we're going to help propel humankind into a 22nd Century of wonderment, industry, invention, healing, and cosmic understanding and exploration—we're going to unleash once top-secret technologies, new forms of clean energy, space exploration and with a little luck perhaps move our planet away from war and self-destruction," he said. "That demands we collectively throw a planetary-scale celebration in honor of our new status in the universe," he said. "Everyone on this planet, from very rich to very poor, will greatly benefit from this project—the revelations and their global benefits will be beyond astounding!"

Event sponsor Cosmic Sciences International says research shows over half of all people on Earth already believe in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life—disbelievers are in the minority now.

Organization Information--Cosmic Sciences International ( is the nonprofit co-sponsor of the CLE project. Imajilan™ ( is the for-profit production and distribution partner, originally founded at Fox Studios Baja. Zelan Bonn is a cosmic life and transmedia expert, producer and innovator. Learn more:

Cosmic Sciences International


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