America 2030 LLC Is Pleased To Announce That It Has Been Retained To Assist In The Launch Of Asset-Backed CryptoCurrencies

A first for the ever-popular cryptocurrency market, a search is on to issue asset-backed digital currency utilizing $120 billion in titanium deposits and over $300 billion in oil deposits.
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CHICAGO - Oct. 28, 2017 - PRLog -- America 2030, LLC has been retained by owners of $120 billion in titanium deposits and by the owners of over $300 billion in oil deposits to locate a cryptocurrency issuer who will launch a new cryptocurrency asset-backed by titanium or oil.

The cryptocurrency market is rapidly growing, but most if not all the digital coins are not backed by any asset or by anything of tangible value. America2030.Net President and CEO Mr.Val Sklarov had this to say: "The cryptocurrency market while dynamic, robust and worldwide, it is not backed by any asset which will help strengthen and secure the digital currency in uncertain times. We have been retained to locate a partner who will utilize the titanium and the oil deposits to create an asset-backed cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and others, but ours will be asset-backed, while the others are built on puffery and pure air."

Just like in the older days, currencies were backed by gold, silver or platinum, but in today's digital world, no digital cryptocurrency is backed by an asset, so the coins can plummet to zero one day, that is totally possible. A digital cryptocurrency coin that is backed by real tangible assets worth billions will have more market support, appeal and consumer confidence.

America2030.Net is actively searching for a partner who wants to utilize these assets. The owners of these assets have agreed to pledge these assets to the digital currency promoter who will build the cryptocurrency around these assets. Mr. Val Sklarov stated, "In reality, there should be an oil backed cryptocurrency and a titanium one. We have owners with gas deposits worth billions and other mineral deposits and clearly there should be digital coins backed by tangible assets and we have owners with a vision ready to pledge their assets if the right partner is found to launch several digital currencies backed by real assets. Hence, our coins will never fall below their tangible value."

As we head in to the future, more cryptocurrencies will be asset-backed by tangible assets, thus offering investors certain security which is afforded to government issued money. "Our coins will be backed by titanium and oil," stated Mr. Val Sklarov.

For further information, please contact Val Sklarov at

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