Myertal Launches Quality Offsite Camera Monitoring Services

Many residential and commercial property owners have largely been depending on the effective use of offsite CCTV camera monitoring surveillance systems. These cutting-edge security systems protect one's home or office from theft and vandalism.
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Oct. 12, 2017 - PRLog -- Using a camera surveillance system is the most viable solution for both residential and commercial property owners. These effective offsite camera monitoring systems are the best solution to high crime rates. They act more like a deterrent and help people (whether a homeowner or office owner) feel more safe and secure.

While there are many companies serving customers with the best CCTV camera monitoring systems, Myertal is one such top-notch offsite CCTV monitoring solution service provider that's come a long way from where it all began.

Why rely on Myertal for CCTV camera surveillance?

Since its inception in 2009, Myertal has been providing high quality and effective offsite camera monitoring solutions that don't cost an arm and a leg. They cater to a national and swiftly booming commercial and residential client base.

Their clients benefit the most by linking this respected and trusted company's new or existing CCTV to their state-of-the-art offsite control room, which is monitored by the company's smart detection technology. Moreover, they're able to reduce a homeowner's security spend, saving them a great deal of money while giving a boost to their overall security and providing real peace of mind.

Their smart detection technology enables them to recognize incidents early and take the most suitable action right away. And it always results in the crime being prevented and the suspect being arrested for wrongdoing. With Myertal one's hard earned assets are always protected.

Why choose Myertal offsite camera monitoring system for home or office?

24/7 offsite smart surveillance

The solution offered by Myertal secures one's home or office from their state of the art offsite control room.

Smart Detection

Their detection technology utilizes premium self-learning video analytics, making sure no suspicious activitiy goes undetected.

Effective to a Greater Extent

The Myertal smart surveillance solution eliminates problems associated with conventional lazy, sleeping, untrained guarding solutions.

Smartphone Viewing

Their clients can access their own cameras from their smart phone for transparency as well as absolute peace of mind.

Complete Coverage

The smart surveillance technology provides a 'bird eye view' of one's business. A security guard can only be at one place at a time.

Significantly Cheaper

Offsite camera monitoring is a reasonably priced guard replacement alternative. Their detection technology incorporates into most existing CCTV cameras for slightest hardware requirement and capital outlay for maximum return on one's investment.

Myertal offsite CCTV monitored surveillance system has proven extremely advantageous for residential and commercial property owners. This surveillance is changing the landscape for homes and businesses across the country. Their ground breaking smart detection technology keeps one's home or office protected around the clock. For more info visit at

Anashe Smith

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