The World's 1st Warp Drive Technology To Be Avaliable For Sale For $500M By Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng

The first and only functioning technology for warp drive will be available for sale by year's end from its inventor, Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng. The sale price will be 500 million dollars US, and includes a year's consulting, product development, etc.
The official logo of the STDTS warp drive prototype technology
The official logo of the STDTS warp drive prototype technology
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Grandview Heights - Ohio - US


GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio - Sept. 29, 2017 - PRLog -- "I'm selling it. I have no interest in space exploration anymore, having made major,
significant breakthroughs in another area, making my interest in warp technology a costly distraction from my new goals.

I'll say this - STDTS™ is the ultimate space technology. It's designed to work with all conventional means of propulsion, thus saving fuel. It'll work with the EM drive because it has no possibility of going faster than light by definition, and if getting to Mars or beyond is anyone's agenda - they'll want this for what it can do now and be able to do in the future."

So says Marshall Barnes, internationally noted R&D engineer who in 2000 decided to explore the possibilities of electromagnetic propulsion using exotic approaches to field generation. The result he branded, STDTS™ for Space Time Dilator Transmitter System (the 'T' later modified to Transportation ). Ever since, he's been the focus of sporadic media coverage and an increasing presence at space science conferences until 2015 when he announced he was taking a hiatus from the events to concentrate on his work.

The STDTS™ system is the only first and only fully functioning prototype technology for warp drive, a term Marshall only uses so people can relate to it. In reality, it creates the same effects associated with warp drive without the restrictive requirements because it isn't based on solutions found in General Relativity.

"OK. a basic lesson in the physics. First of all NOTHING, cool, sexy or exotic is possible using either theories of Relativity which, in the case of warp drive, would be the General theory. That's why none of the ideas relying on it have panned out. Period. I said as much at the 2013 100 Year Starship Symposium with NASA's Harold White sitting right there in the audience. The idea is as old as 1994. As an R&D engineer, I'd say it's time to cut bait on that one."

"Now, why does STDTS™ work (see )? Because it exhibits effects derived from what appears to be Einstein's theory of telelparallelism, which he didn't complete, after he did the General theory of Relativity. Teleparallelism involves the coupling between electromagnetism and gravity. Plasma physicist, John Brandenberg of Morning Star Applied Physics told me, based on my description, there's nothing he wouldn't expect to be possible, particularly because of what he knows about GEM theory (another unification theory of electromagnetism and gravity). Why hasn't anyone else figured this out? Because no one else was trying to solve the propulsion problem, they were just trying in a way they felt safe talking about."

"Take Elon Musk's Mars missions. With the the current test we've done, we show a 14% increase in speed. You apply that to a space craft with enough rocket power to escape the Earth's gravitational field, then immediately, when STDTS™ is turned on, you'll have a 14% boost. Then you start pulsing it. Every time it comes on there's another 14% boost and after you clear the Earth's gravitational field, you can switch those rockets off and just use the STDTS™. So all that fuel normally be required to get to Mars can be conserved. Now that's just with the power we used on a car. That's not even 20 watts output. What we used originally on a DeLorean, because of the steel body, was around 18 watts and reached 71 mph with a base speed of 55mph. That's an increase in speed of around 29%. In space that's a 29% increase every time the field comes on. The field could be pulsed between 10 to 12 times a minute. But I know how to increase the power output to 20,000 watts, which might be approaching the power to propel something as large as the Starship Enterprise".

"The Ad Astra company's claiming their plasma rocket can get a ship to Mars in 39 days. Used with STDTS™ it could get it there in 11 days or less. That's just at the low power level."

The $500M package includes the basic signal that creates the field once it strikes metal, plus several levels of upgrades, business plan for monetizing multiple revenue streams from the technology, training for staff, as well as a year of additional R&D and consultation with Marshall, 8 hours a day, including how the same technology could be used to theoretically open a stargate.

"It's simple. Take the same performance data and now rotate it at high velocity, factoring in you'll have a region of high torsion where space is being contracted and not allowed to expand again. Now we've never done it like that - there's always been a region toward the center where the space could leak back out, so there was some equilibrium there. But all kinds of things are possible. What I know has happened so far is loss of radio and infrared waves beamed from both directions, the production of ozone though we're not using high voltages and strange optical phenomena detected by certain kinds of cameras. But we haven't even scratched the surface. Not even close."

Marshall points out with that technology, such concepts as a Tipler cylinder become possible as well.

"When you consider what it can do immediately, and all the things suddenly becoming researchable for exploitation later, $500M is cheap. This will enable someone like Musk, or Bezos to ramp up their space involvement or enable the entre into the field by a newcomer."

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Location:Grandview Heights - Ohio - United States
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