Hurricane Irma-Alligator- Attacks CEO of Americast

Alligator Attack during Hurricane Irma on CEO who tried to make a positive statement Against Irma.
By: Americast Generator Pad
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CP Alligator
CP Alligator
PALM BEACH, Fla. - Sept. 11, 2017 - PRLog -- CEO, Charles Pitt of Americast wanted to join Beyonce in "Celebrating a Day of Survival" by taking a plunge into the St. Lucie River in the middle of Hurricane Irma. The St. Luce River is in Port St. Lucie/Ft. Pierce, Fl and famous for having "doubled" as the Amazon in several Hollywood movies including the Bond Films. It is home to many aquatic animals including large alligators. Pitt grew up water skiing in the St. Lucie river and never paid attention to the Alligators until now.

"I dove in with the greatest of enthusiasm..I wanted to make a positive statement against Irma... but didn't see the nearby Alligator. Fortunately, my buddy, Keith Hamel {CEO of Mizner Stone} was nearby to fish me out."

Pitt and Hamel were meeting this weekend to formulate plans for the emergency distribution of Amercast PreCast Generator Pads which are a key component for the installation of Generators. With 6 million people out of power, the demand for Generators is sky rocketing.

Americast stands ready and able to provide PreCast Generator pads for the Generators including flood plain elevated pads for which FEMA funds are available. Contact: Association of State Floodplain planners** (


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