UConn's "Time Travel Scientist" Ronald L. Mallett Removed from African American Registry In Disgrace

In the wake of the FTC shut down of World Patent Marketing, UConn physics professor Ronald Mallett has suffered severe set backs as his collusion with WPM founder, Scott J. Cooper, in a fund raising scheme using false advertising, has come to light.
This Ronald Mallett page has been removed from the African American Registry
This Ronald Mallett page has been removed from the African American Registry
MINNEAPOLIS - Sept. 11, 2017 - PRLog -- "PAGE NOT FOUND".

That's what the heading says on the page that used to say, Ronald L. Mallett: Scientist of "Time Travel"! (see aaregistry.org/historic_events/view/ronald-mallett-scientist-time-travel ) on the web site of the African American Registry, a non-profit organization in Minneapolis, MN that trains K-12 educators, serves parents and inspires students of all ages every day with articles, media and interactive platforms on African Americans and Africans from the continent. Mallett had been added to the registry around 2012, due in large part to awareness of the misleading and amped-up hype surrounding the myth of his research and his accomplishments.

However, in March of this year, all that began to change when his arch rival and victim of his chicanery, Marshall Barnes, executed an investigation into Mallett's activities with World Patent Marketing founder, Scott J. Cooper, as they launched what they called a "theoretical commodity" - Time Travel X, to raise funds for Mallett's phony time machine research. - They used false claims and misleading statements in a video, on web sites and Twitter.

Marshall's findings were forwarded to the Florida Attorney General's Office for consideration of violations of Florida Revised Code 817.06 dealing with false and misleading advertising, who then forwarded it to the FTC who had already begun legal action against World Patent Marketing for bilking inventors out of millions of dollars. This formally ensnared Mallett's name in legal matters involving fraud and misrepresentation. Based on that, Marshall began to act against Mallett and his interests.

"My position was simple," Marshall explains, "I contacted the African American Registry (AAREG) and just said - 'Look, you've got this man in there under the heading of Scientist of Time Travel. This man has never written a single paper on the subject, no one supports his idea, he's had to admit that it won't work under the circumstances for which he originally got all this acclaim and now he's linked to this company being shut down for fraud and misrepresentation - the same things I'm accusing him of. Here's the report to the Florida AG's office, here's the FTC complaint. I'm not saying take him off of your site, just remove all lauding for his non-existent time travel accomplishments".

"When you look at the board of the AAREG", Marshall continues, "these people are held in positions of esteem, and I think the very thought of Ronald Mallett, being listed in their registry - at all, after seeing evidence against him, was untenable. Instead of just removing his bogus time travel reputation, they wiped it all out (see http://www.aaregistry.org/search/node/ronald%20mallett ), which even stunned me. I'm so used to people covering for him, it was shocking to see some that wanted nothing to do with him, instead."

Mallett has benefitted from people posting misleading headlines about him, such as a Youtube video with the heading, "Dr Ronald Mallett sending binary code through time". It seems like he's done it. The caption with the video even states,

"Dr. Ronald L. Mallett discusses the only practical way of sending a message back in time. To use binary code through time using circular patterns of light to twist space and time (Space-time). Using light to manipulate time. The energy of the light beams will produce a gravitational field strong enough to drag a spinning neutron through time. Dr. Mallet says: "Let's say I'll call the spin up a one (1) and I'll call a spin down a zero (0). So imagine sending a stream of neutrons with spin up, spin up spin down, spin up ...what do you call that? It's binary code. So by using the spin of neutrons I can send the binary code which can be translated into a message."


But in reality, the narrator says later, at 1:25 on the video counter, "Although this is only a prototype, Malett believes he may be able to create a working time machine in as little as ten years." So Mallett at that time, in 2012, he had yet to do anything at all. He still hasn't and Marshall has proved conclusively, in his paper, The Invalidation of the Time Travel Physics of the Ronald L. Mallett, PhD LOTART Design By The Rachel, Emily and Suzy Experiments of Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng that Mallett's idea would never work on any level because of its design concept.

"Yeah, that paper looked at his provisional patent application, which he let expire but didn't tell anyone, as well as his accounts of how it was supposed to work - in his book, and determined that it was a train wreck, in more ways than one. The funny thing is, if he really is a time travel expert, he could have used lasers to prove Rainer Plaga's idea, on how to detect parallel universes, and gotten famous for that. Instead he argued we would never know about them without a time machine, and I'm the one that did the breakthrough experiment. That's why he's such a FRAUD!"

Marshall says more defections of Mallett's support will come as people realize the truth and the "truth has consequences".

"The collapse of World Patent Marketing won't be enough to stop him. He'll go after Silicon Valley money and others, because he'll get people to believe his bogus reputation. That's why his name and reputation must be totally destroyed, with the truth".

Jake Shisler
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