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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. & PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. - Sept. 7, 2017 - PRLog -- Lineus Medical signed an exclusive three-year manufacturing agreement with BihlerMed of Phillipsburg, NJ. BihlerMed specializes in the automated production and assembly of high volume products, and works with several other distinguished medical companies. BihlerMed will be responsible for the assembly and packaging of Lineus Medical's initial product, SafeBreak™ Vascular. SafeBreak Vascular fits into any IV line, and when an excessive force is placed across the IV line, the device is being designed to separate into two pieces to prevent the dislodgement of the patient's IV.

BihlerMED's specialty is the design, engineering, development and testing of medical devices. Customer-centric large scale automated production and assembly capabilities currently in development will help bring SafeBreak Vascular readily to market in 2018. BihlerMED has considerable expertise in engineering, development, testing and manufacturing of medical devices, including innovative surgical lighting products in both wearable and customizable overhead systems.

Maxine Nordmeyer, CEO of Bihler of America, commented on the partnership, "BihlerMED partners with companies to strategically bring new and innovative products to market, as well as provide the necessary contract manufacturing capabilities. We believe that Lineus Medical and SafeBreak Vascular have great promise for the future. It's exciting to be involved in a project that will help prevent IV lines from failing, and improve the comfort and lives of patients and nurses alike."

Spencer Jones, Founder and CEO of Lineus Medical, said, "The global peripheral IV market topped one billion units annually last year. To keep pace with the growth we expect SafeBreak Vascular to experience, we needed a manufacturing partner capable of producing tens of millions of devices in a relatively short time frame. BihlerMed has proven with multiple, far more complicated, products that they know how to scale quickly as demand increases."

SafeBreak Vascular fits into a patient's IV line, and when a harmful amount of force is placed across the device, it separates into two pieces to save the line. SafeBreak Vascular contains patent-pending technology that is designed to occlude each side of the separated device, preventing loss of fluid from both the patient and IV pump. The IV pump alarms, letting medical personnel know the IV line is separated and the situation should be addressed. Clinical studies show that on average IV lines fail 46% of the time before they have reached the end of their intended use. Peripheral IVs are completely dislodged 10.8% of the time. With over 230 million peripheral IVs placed annually in the United States, the issue of maintaining IV function is of paramount importance. Peripheral IV dislodgement alone costs the US healthcare system over $1B annually.


Lineus Medical is the developer of a unique, patented, break-away technology that works with all types of medical tubing. Dislodgement of feeding tubes, IV lines, urinary catheters and any other type of medical tubing is prevented by the device breaking into two pieces and protecting the patient's catheter insertion site. The company's first product, SafeBreak Vascular, is being designed to fit into any standard IV tubing and to help prevent IV dislodgements, which occur millions of times a year in the United States. SafeBreak Vascular is not yet 510(k) cleared and not yet for sale. More information about Lineus Medical can be found on their company website:

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Founded in 2006, NJ-based BihlerMED designs, develops, and manufactures advanced medical devices and accessories that "Make Healthier Happen." BihlerMED's role goes beyond that of designer/developer; as part of the Bihler group of companies whose core competence is high volume precision automation, BihlerMED also has contract manufacturing capabilities and unique access to Bihler's more than 40 years of technical experience. Through its commitment to safety, quality and excellence, and supported by extensive testing, the company has introduced a number of solutions that provide superior illumination and visualization to improve upon the limitations of traditional surgical lighting solutions in the operating room. Its growing line of products are CE marked and used in over 250 hospitals and 13 health systems. It is BihlerMED's mission to provide surgeons the ability to perform procedures more quickly, more safely, and with better patient outcomes. To learn more about BihlerMED and their products, please visit

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