Latest book from former major league player provides the often-missing youth sports coach training to make a positive difference on kids and parents

Young athletes are leaving the sports' scene every day because coaches fail to motivate them. Furthermore, fewer and fewer youth sporting games occur without some sort of unfortunate scene occurring. Why do so many youth sports coaches throw away their shot to inspire athletes and influence player parents?
Here's why - coaches are not trained to deal with the modern athlete and parent.
Former Major Leaguer Jack Perconte, Author, Publisher
Former Major Leaguer Jack Perconte, Author, Publisher
LISLE, Ill. - Aug. 1, 2017 - PRLog -- Most people get into youth sports coaching and soon begin to wonder why they volunteered and how to proceed. They feel like they are in way over their heads. Former major league player and long time youth coach, Jack Perconte, became tired of hearing, "The coach is an idiot," so he wrote Creating a Season to Remember: The New Youth-Sports-Coaching Leadership Handbook. It is for volunteer coaches who want to be the role model they set out to be.

Finally, people will learn:
1. The means for the central figures in sports, the coaches, to rise to the challenge and remake the games about the kids.
2. The coaching philosophy and teaching methods that inspire and improve each player's skills.
3. The forward-thinking techniques that bring enjoyment back into the games for all – the kids, parents, and coaches.

"Better than any youth sports coaching certification programs and sports coach training courses out there."

Creating a Season to Remember: The New Youth-Sports-Coaching Leadership Handbook
Second Base Publishing – Small Press United Distributor - 2017
ISBN 978-0-9981709-0-9

Parents would never send their kids off to teachers who have little, or any, training on how to educate students. However, they continually do it in youth sports. The result is a frustration for all – the coaches, parents, and kids. Youth sports should be one of the best avenues for developing children into mature teenagers and adults. Proper coaching training helps youth succeed on and off the playing fields.

Jack Perconte has dedicated his post-major league baseball career to helping kids and their parents through the complicated world of sports. Writing of his playing, coaching and parenting experiences, he creates better sporting participations for all. As a youth coach for 28 years, he has dealt with coaches as a parent and parents as a coach, while raising three kids.


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