What is the mouth-body Connection?

For many people, they take their mouths for granted. Sure, you've got hordes of your dentists in Santa Clarita trying their best to get you to take care of your teeth, but you might wonder why that is.
Mouth-body Connection Infographic
Mouth-body Connection Infographic
MIAMI - July 28, 2017 - PRLog -- While diet and personal lifestyle choices are a big part, your mouth is actually a big part of this. One of the key areas that you should definitely consider if you're trying to figure out just where the problem is, is actually looking at the mouth.

Your mouth has a connection to the body. Many people don't believe it, but if you think about it, your mouth is actually the place where you can protect your body from foreign invaders. When there is stuff around the teeth and gums, this can transfer into the bloodstream directly, which actually means that if you have gum disease, you're not just hurting the gums, but the body as well. That isn't fun, and it definitely is something to consider.

Each tooth has a girdle of fibers that is pulling itself around the neck of the tooth. The tight seal is used to help keep the invaders out, and if they pass through that, it actually will make your immune system worse. That's right, if you are actually not taking care of your teeth, it won't keep the invaders out, but make it worse.

Now, if you have a healthy mouth, without any infections, the seal is tight, and the pathway between the bacteria and the bloodstream is closed off. Now, when there is infection in the gums, it will weaken the seal on the gums, and then, the outside elements can get into the bloodstream from the gums. Now, if you get past the seal, you're essentially breaking the skin, and this is serious business.

With inflammation, the bacteria will get into the bloodstream and the body will respond to this invasion by an immune response. From there, it'll raise the temperature of the body, and from here, create an inflammatory reaction. When you have gum disease, the bacteria are constantly getting into the blood and causing inflammation constantly. This can cause life-threatening diseases, so it's critical to help minimize the problems of the body, and reduce the inflammation of the body as well, in order to protect yourself, and to protect others as well.


Now there are ways to prevent this. First of all, brush after every meal. That, or rinse out with water if you can't. you should have foods that help with remineralization. You should also make sure that you're seeing your dentist. You want to catch gum disease in the earliest faces, because often, gum disease can't get better, but it can be stopped in the current state. You should definitely see your dentist regularly, since that will help to prevent problems. You should also work to have superfoods, and make sure that the mouth is clean. If you have crowding in your mouth, it's hard to get in between your teeth, causing more disease.



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