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Configurable Enterprise Application Foundation providing actionable analytics for rapid application deployments
By: Vega Enterprise Solutions
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Unity 7
Unity 7
IRVINE, Calif. - July 24, 2017 - PRLog -- Vega Enterprise Solutions proudly announces the availability of Unity 7, an Enterprise-class application and analytics foundation. Designed to provide actionable analytics, case and content management and data integration, Unity 7 empowers businesses to combine content, process, and data from across the enterprise into a single configurable user interface. Leveraging Lucene and SOLR tools, Unity 7 enables business operators and users to take action directly on analytics screens, significantly improving productivity and usability of enterprise application deployments.

Vega Unity 7 accelerates the deployment of Enterprise-class applications by allowing customers to rapidly configure the application interface, security, and integration with disparate systems. Offering industry standard interfaces including CMIS, REST, Java, Web (HTTP/HTTPS), and others, Unity 7, enables businesses to tailor the application to their exact business requirements. This flexibility allows businesses to quickly modernize existing applications and infrastructure by providing a new user interface layer to those systems.

The Vega Unity 7 Configuration Console Demonstration

Vega CEO Brian Schlosser stated, "Unity 7 adds a number of very powerful capabilities. First, it provides unprecedented application configurability, empowering companies to modernize existing applications or rapidly deploy new, sophisticated solutions. Second, and perhaps most important, are focused analytics using leading edge tools such as SOLR and Lucene. Unity 7 provides analytical tools that do more than just provide pretty pictures and graphs. These are live analytics that empower business users to take action directly from the analytic display across many sources of data." Vega Unity 7 can aggregate intelligence from across repositories, line of business database systems and many other sources. Through the built in "Unity Science Dock" interface, other analytics tools such as HUE (Hadoop User Experience) can be easily leveraged to provide even more insights into business data.

The Vega Unity 7 Intelligence Demonstration

Vega has demonstrated Unity 7 to a number of key existing customers and initial feedback is very positive. "We've had several of our current customers make commitments on the spot for Unity 7 once demonstrated," said Schlosser. "In one pilot with one of our major financial customers in the U.S., we demonstrated taking their application, which took 6 people more than 12 months to develop and recreated it with 1 architect and 1 developer in just under 3 months. In another, we demonstrated actionable analytics, clicking on a graph of their workloads and making immediate changes to the underlying workflow cases directly from the analytics screens. Both of these scenarios have significant ROI's for these customers and they are very excited about the productivity impact of Unity 7."

The Vega Unity 7 Semantics Demonstration

Vega Unity 7 is the latest release of a product that originated in 2007. Vega software is deployed in over 181 countries, with hundreds of thousands of users, integrating hundreds of systems and in dozens of languages. It can be deployed natively, or to augment other application frameworks and cloud applications, like Salesforce. Brian Schlosser concluded, "We believe that Vega Unity 7 empowers companies to rapidly transform their businesses by bringing together actionable analytics with case and content management in a configurable interface." Vega Unity 7 is available for immediate delivery.

About Vega Enterprise Solutions

Vega Enterprise Solutions is a privately held, global company with a mission to provide Adaptive Case Management solutions which solve complex business issues. Vega solutions aggregate information from multiple systems, and provide that information, in context, through a single user interface with integrated actionable analytics. Vega ECM Solutions is based in Irvine, California.

Unity is a Trademark of Vegatek Corporation. Hadoop User Experience (HUE) is a trademark of Cloudera, Inc. Hadoop is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.


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