Latest Unpublished Novels by Susan Wingate Now Available for Review

The latest two of Susan Wingate's novels are available for review as advanced reading copies (ARCs).
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04252017 - STORM SEASON - BookCover - 2 proposed
04252017 - STORM SEASON - BookCover - 2 proposed
SEATTLE - July 17, 2017 - PRLog -- Susan Wingate's two latest unpublished thrillers are available for comment and review.

THE LESSER WITNESS is categorized as a Young Adult apocalyptic thriller.

Logline: Would you run into the arms of death to save humanity?

When a comet streaks near Earth, its reverberation throws Croy Justice from bed and causes an onset of earthquakes which mark utter ruin for earth, and especially on the small island where Croy Justice lives. With a gang of boys who want to shred her dignity, Croy must outrun them or risk unspeakable horror, even death at their hands. Will she survive these end times? Or, will Croy survive satan's grip? THE LESSER WITNESS is a story about one young woman's fight against evil during a time when all hope has been wiped clean—when satan is at work and securing his army of doom.

THE LESSER WITNESS is currently running a Kindle Scout Campaign for a publishing contract with one of Amazon's publishers. Please vote for THE LESSER WITNESS by clicking on this link:

STORM SEASON is categorized as upmarket women's thriller.


After becoming entangled in an industry as nefarious as it is criminal, Meg Storm gets swept under a riptide in the drug world. She sees, firsthand, how far people in this sinister business will go to continue their criminal activities. With law enforcement at a loss about the island's escalating drug traffic, authorities decide to use unorthodox means involving secular and non-secular avenues to nip the problem in the bud. However, after Lily, Meg's daughter dies from an apparent heroin overdose, then her husband by the same method, Meg has nothing left to lose. She transforms herself from meek housewife into fighting phenom. Will she become a victim, a vigilante, or both? Nothing is as it seems.

STORM SEASON shows one woman's grit and courage to deliver enough thunder to rain down justice on criminals working to destroy people's lives.

Susan Wingate is a #1 Amazon bestselling, award-winning author. Her stories span genres of suspense, mystery, thriller, romantic suspense, paranormal, fantasy, and memoir. Wingate is also the radio host of Dialogue, a podcast dedicated to fiction authors. Wingate offers keynotes and workshops at writing conferences and for private groups. Her inspirational fantasy THE DEER EFFECT won five book awards in 2015 and 2016. Susan Wingate's books have been published with Book Star Publishing, Black Rose Books, and Cambridge Books.

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