Forest carbon sequestration project takes root in Shabunda region, DRC, Africa, with a focus on sustainability for future generations

The City of Shabunda, nestled within a curve of the Ulindi River, hosts 250,000 inhabits while dense forests to the north are sparsely settled. How could forest carbon sequestration programs be financed and benefit the forests and future generations of the region? The Shabunda Forest Carbon Project attempts to answer these questions.
By: Planet Alpha Corp., GIERI asbl
Shaunda Forest Carbon Project Area
Shaunda Forest Carbon Project Area
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & SHABUNDA, Congo, The DR of - July 3, 2017 - PRLog -- The Shabunda Forest Carbon Project, now underway with the Groupe d'Intervention pour l'Encadrement et la Réhabilitation Intégrale (GIERI), Bukavu, DRC, Africa, and Planet Alpha Corp. (PαC), Cambridge, MA, USA, intends to  shape the future by tempering development with forest management.  The proposed project, located in the north-east area of  the Shabunda Territory,  provides payment to landowners upfront and annually for sequestered carbon measured directly in the forest.  Unique project sequestration products will be available as carbon offsets to buyers  worldwide. With no project cost to the landowners the revenue will be used to improve health and nutrition, while disincentivizing forest destruction.

Executive Director of GIERI/Landcare Network, DRC, Patrick Kaka remarked, "Many years ago the territory of Shabunda was not accessible and was isolated, however, the gift of our natural resources consisting of dense virgin forest and fauna is now highly valued by the global community; we look forward to working with PαC  to realize our natural heritage and to empower our community."

The project area covers about 25,000 square kilometers between the Kahuzi-Biega National Park to the north and the Maniema region to the west. The project is working through the procedural and logistic details required including concurrence with national, subnational and tribal leaders.

"Forest carbon is an ecosystem treasure that has yet to be fully valued for its benefits to landowners and stewards in a world embedded in silicon, forest destruction and a rush to colonize Mars; indeed we know more about a handful of Martian rocks than we do about the genetics of trees in Shabunda," remarked Bruno D.V. Marino, CEO and Founder of  PαC.  "Our focus is the long-term sustainability of the region over the coming decades, a crucial time for realization of climate change management for Africa and the Earth," said Marino. The project time horizon is long-term but divided into ten year intervals to allow for project adjustments.

Planet Alpha Corp., based in Cambridge, MA, USA, is commercializing measurement of forest carbon sequestration across large scales, reducing cost, improving data capture, analysis and monetization. Methane and nitrous oxide will also be measured. The financing for the project is expected to come, in part, from a Regulation A+ Tier II filing that PαC is undertaking to combine innovative finance with GHG trading, both objectives of the Paris Agreement.

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