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The Wearable That Makes Fitness Easy to Do, Trace and Understand.
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KeenBrace Appearance
KeenBrace Appearance
SHENZHEN, China - July 2, 2017 - PRLog -- KeenBrace is the first fitness wearable to feature muscle-mapping technology, which allows users to enhance workout performance while preventing injury. It is an athletic coach and fitness tracker that aims to be the smartest, most accurate training device currently available on the market. It tracks movements, workouts, and provides real time coaching, while at the same time protecting the users from injuries during exercise, and ensuring an optimized, efficient exercise session.

What is KeenBrace?
KeenBrace is an electronic device that is wrapped around the leg, the arm, or the wrist to track bio-metrics during a workout. KeenBrace allows users to see detailed information collected about their movement to help make informed training decisions. KeenBrace tracker works whether you are running, doing push ups, squatting, lifting weights, or a number of different exercises. KeenBrace is water resistant, allowing the device to be utilized during rain, snow, or any weather with zero worries.

One of the most essential features of the KeenBrace device is its active protection of users from exercise related injuries by alerting you to improper stances or movements, and signals the user the moments it has sensed any imbalance. KeenBrace's mission is not only to track movements, but to help the user feel secure on their fitness journey.

Ken Leung, CEO and founder of Keenbrace, believes that "Fast data analysis and integration, deep knowledge of fitness and health, and a personal touch are critical factors in developing the next best fitness wearable."

How Does KeenBrace Work?
KeenBrace is a wearable fitness band that is wrapped around the user's forearm, around the arm, or around the thigh, and monitors and follows every movement made. KeenBrace augments workouts by giving tips to enhance and correct movements and motivate users on how to achieve their workout goals. It has accurate biosensors that reads the signal from muscles and body's movements to give out exact responses as needed. KeenBrace shows how you have improved with Day to Day comparisons, it has personalized insights that understands the user's exercise and psychology to track their progress, deliver rich infographic such as muscle map and multiple charts to user.

KeenBrace has advanced motion and bio-sensing technology, and works by reading the electrical signals sent by the body during a workout. One can simply synchronize their workout with the KeenBrace App, which receives data from the device. KeenBrace translates this date according to the user's preferences, and the data collected is used to analyze and review work-out details.

With the help of a voice coach who acts as personal trainer, KeenBrace monitors workouts, giving the user tips to enhance and correct movements, while motivating the user to reach their goals. The user gets effective instructions on how to carry on their workouts, and protecting themselves during exercise, all delivered through headphones, so there is no need to constantly be checking the phone screen for help with form or tracking workouts.

KeenBrace System
KeenBrace tracks and monitors 15 elements of the user's performance which include muscle fatigue, muscle activation and movement technique, with the help of several features. One of the primary systems is SEMG, which stands for Surface Electromyogram, which assesses the muscle function by recording muscles activity from the surface above the muscle on the skin.

Muscle mapping is another feature which allows the user to see how and if one is engaging their muscles correctly with each exercise. KeenBrace is Bluetooth enabled which is used to synchronize the phone and the device, setting up is simple and very quick. Instructions issued to the user during the workout are delivered via headphones through a voice coach, to help correct and motivate.

KeenBrace Pricing
KeenBrace has not been officially launched to the market, but its usefulness and promised effectiveness is causing a stir in the fitness world.

It will launch its crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo at 12:00pm July 5th 2017 of New York Time, for only $59, at an estimated retail value of $149.

For more information about Keenbrace, please visit

Should You Use KeenBrace?
KeenBrace aims to give its users persistent, intelligent, and skilled training direction needed to step out of their comfort zones and power through their workouts.

KeenBrace is a potentially powerful ally to a varied demographic. New runners, body builders, athletes, personal trainers and anyone focused on supporting effective workouts and achieving their personal best.

Various workouts are supported, which include pushups, squats, and running, dumbbells, planking, dead-lift, push-ups, shoulder press and many more. The exercises supported by KeenBrace are intended not only for isolated muscle improvement, but also overall cardio, and general body maintenance. Users are able to track their movements comfortably and plan their workout routines better, leading to more easily accomplished fitness goals.

KeenBrace comes in two colors: silver and black which gives buyers variety to choose from depending on their preference. It has a tight grip which keeps the device in place during a workout, and a soft, comfortable fabric which is friendly to the skin.

Users are able to track their exercise and to see how to improve on their ability since it is able to learn, follow, and challenge the user. It supports the clients in preventing injury and strengthening their training performance. KeenBrace data analysis allows users to objectively review training based on true data not just speculation or observation.

It allows users to stay focused throughout their workout and to enjoy their exercise without any interference. The KeenBrace has a long battery life allowing the user to work-out without worrying about recharging daily.

Due to its compact design, Keenbrace is light in weight and very portable in that the user will not even notice its weight while working out.

KeenBrace takes your workout goals from being vague ideas of what you want, to real, tangible, tracked schedules, including form correction, and real time advice, for a more easily accomplished fitness journey.

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