Aluminaid Announcement on Private Placement

Since late 2014, Aluminaid shareholder Carl Freer completed a transaction that sees his entire holding in Aluminaid allocated to the current Chairman and CEO, Joe Marten. Freer ceases to have any involvement with the company.
SINGAPORE - June 28, 2017 - PRLog -- The conclusion of this transaction reinforces Marten's commitment to building a world-class wound care company committed to developing and patenting cutting edge technology that can dramatically improve the quality of life of patients.

To date, the company's product portfolio consists of a revolutionary aluminum based burn dressing, pulverized aluminum burn spray, aluminum infused hydrogel, ointment and a fever patch for children all of which are based on the simple premise of thermal conductivity using aluminum.

All products are patented and are attracting significant from numerous sales channels including military, advanced wound care, emergency response and OTC.

With advanced wound care revenues expected to top USD 19bn in 2024, Marten believes investing and patenting disruptive technologies will generate significant value for shareholders.

The company's business model focuses on R&D of patented ideas, navigating regulatory and manufacturing hurdles and contracting business development specialists to partner with larger industry players while keeping a low cost base.


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