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HAMILTON, Ontario - June 26, 2017 - PRLog -- In May 2017, the MUFON State Director for both Pennsylvania and Delaware and Inner Circle member, John Ventre, posted what can only be called a racist rant to his private Facebook page. Several people reacted to it suggesting that such opinions were appalling. MUFON's Executive Director and Inner Circle member, Jan Harzan, reacted with what was called a non-apology, attacking those who had reacted negatively, calling them haters, and then suggested that these haters might be worse than Ventre. The offensive posts, as well as the critical comments were then removed. Harzan eventually announced that Ventre had been fired as the State Director for both states. The reaction came only after there had been more bad public relations for MUFON.

Listen to Kevin Randles Radio Interview with Jan Harzan on "A Different Perspective" at https://youtu.be/VySGFlOTAak.

Not long after this, it was discovered that another of the Inner Circle members, J Z Knight had, in a drunken rant, made other racially charged comments about the Jews, Mexicans, gays, Catholics and organic farmers. Harzan, on learning this, ignored the severity of the comments saying that if she had been a state director, he would have fired her. All three remain on the Inner Circle and while it is suggested that this Inner Circle has no real influence over the workings of MUFON, other documentation, including the MUFON website suggests otherwise.

Given the slow reaction to Ventre's racist rant, and the lack of real concern about such attitudes at the highest levels of the MUFON organization as evidenced by Harzan's public comments about both Ventre and Knight, it is time to remove these high-ranking MUFON officials from positions of power and oversight. The problem is systemic at the top and such attitudes can filter down through the organization. Rather than standby and watch that happen, it is time to make a change. If you agree, then sign this petition.

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