Edify Lab-Online Platform, "Connecting People with Questions to Experts with Answers Worldwide" - to Release the 1st Issue of Edify Lab Magazine

Edify Lab Magazine; an online digital publication. Knowledge is key in the community of Edify Lab; readers stay up-to-date with top advisors of the month and learn from informative and valuable articles that cover various industries and topics. Health, law, education, business, to name a few subjects that are discussed. People encounter myriads of problems, have daily needs, and diverse interests; the magazine aims to enlighten and help curious readers when it comes to educated topics.
By: Edify Lab LLC
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Mental Health Articles
Mental Health Articles
NEW YORK - June 26, 2017 - PRLog -- The goal for readers is to browse top advisors around the globe and read a wealth of knowledge. Readers can see articles that are relevant, engaging, and edifying.

Edify Lab Magazine makes it easy to obtain insight from a home desktop to a mobile device.  Medical, legal, and educative assistance articles can be found on the digital publication.  The world needs answers; Edify Lab Magazine is now the go-to guide for expert and knowledgeable reads.

The magazine uses technology to connect readers to multimedia, and takes numerous topics to all new heights; a new learning experience.

Recognized and remarkable publisher of Edify Lab Barry Cooper, has collaboratively crafted a diverse and strategic plan, a double whammy launch decision; the platform and first issue launch on the same day, which sets to prove that Edify Lab will soon infiltrate worldwide flexible work markets through digital publication and the advisors' platform.  "Today's web and mobile users are seeking better and faster ways to find information," announces Copper.

Cooper also states that Edify Lab is "a valuable platform to expand your digital presence."

"An Edify Lab Magazine and news venue, that provides information, education, and newly produced video clips and breaking news."

Media Inquiries: Edify Lab, David Landau at dlandau@edifylab.com,  Edify Lab Video.

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