Edify Lab Creates and Unveils a Diverse Way For Top Advisors To Obtain Clientele Worldwide

Edify Lab releases an impressive worldwide launch; experts, advisors, and specialists now have another option to build their business. The option? Edify Lab, an advanced platform that enables top advisors to sign-up, fill in their profile, add video, relevant information, book appointments, consult new clients via real-time video sessions, and get paid. The platform categorizes different practice areas so people can find the right expert to solve their pending inquiry with ease.
By: Edify Lab LLC
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Consult from your Laptop
Consult from your Laptop
NEW YORK - June 26, 2017 - PRLog -- Curious minds can ask live questions pertaining to various issues, needs, and interests; from mental health, to yoga, environmental engineering, automotive, career advice, contract legality; name it, the specialty exists. Advisor specialties include, but are not limited to: law, business, engineering, health, education, personal finance, home, and wellness.

James Binder, noteworthy entrepreneur and a Director at Edify Lab, admits that, "it's easy to get lost in search engines and dead content."  Edify Lab strives to connect people to top consultants around the world; "our goal is to help you find the perfect advisor for your specific need," Binder states.

Registration is free for advisors and clients.  Top specialists with a computer, laptop, iPad and cell phone can now put their skills to use with live consultative video sessions at anytime, from anyplace and increase their income in the process.

"Edify lab is the world's most diverse collection of advisors from around the world available for live face-to-face video chat sessions," Binder claims.

Edify Lab simplifies live private video sessions, the platform allows booking, scheduling, and payment features.  Edify Lab platform is a matchmaker for clients who seek answers from experts.  Clients prepay for video sessions; once the consultation is complete, advisors can withdraw their funds 48 hours later.

"Edify Lab expose and market the advisor's skills at no cost to the advisor," Binder said and added, "Just another free way for professionals to increase their footprint and grow their clients' base."

"The Uber for professionals is here" Check it out now

Edify Lab, "Connecting People with Questions to Experts with Answers Worldwide"

Media Inquiries: Edify Lab, contact:  David Landau for more information at dlandau@edifylab.com

Edify Lab - Your Pocket Advisor

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