Phoenix Mitsubishi Lunde Mitsubishi

By: Lunde Mitusbishi
Phoenix Mitsubishi Lunde Mitsubishi
Phoenix Mitsubishi Lunde Mitsubishi
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PHOENIX - June 18, 2017 - PRLog -- Phoenix Mitsubishi Lunde Mitsubishi

Have you ever tried to add up the hours you spend in your car? Whatever the actual number, It's a lot. Commuting back and forth to work or school, errand runs and road trips will have you sitting in those seats for many hours.  Consider this - during that time, you are are literally living in there. That means food in the seat, smears and smudges on the windows, scratches on the dash and dust, debris and crumbs in every crevice.  You wonder what happened to the pristine interior it had when you first brought the car home.

Fortunately, it's not that hard to keep your car's interior from looking a like an army marched through it.  To begin, you'll need to reduce the amount of trash. Simply use a plastic bag or a container you don't use around the house and throw it in the backseat.  Or, if you want to me a bit more formal about it, most auto supply and accessory stores have a selection of trash bins especially for vehicles. As it fills, take it out and be glad of the fact that you haven't spent an hour cleaning up. One added benefit is that keeping trash off the floor also preserves your carpets, which can get stained those partially filled drink cups, among other things.

Next, take a rag to your dash and leather seats.  The important thing here is to use a small quantity of soapy water to wipe the surfaces of your car.  Be aware that some cleaning products contain alcohol which will prematurely dry and age the materials by reducing the flexibility in the vinyl. It's a good idea to store a small spray bottle of your homemade cleaning fluid and a rag under your seat, in the trunk, or in a storage bin for access when you're waiting for your kids to get out of school or sitting in that long drive-through line. Also, this can come in handy when an emergency spill occurs. You can keep your interior smelling fresh by putting a few laundry dryer sheets under the seats. If you're looking for a new Phoenix ( Mitsubishi Lunde Mitsubishi is known for their selection and service.

Weather definitely has an effect on your vehicle. In hot weather, sandy feet can quickly make a mess of an interior. Winter brings destruction caused by mud and snow.  If you or your passengers spend a lot of time moving in and out of the elements, purchase some all-weather floor mats at your local auto supply store. They're easy to clean and do a great job of keeping the grime in one spot, not to mention preventing your flooring from deteriorating.

As with most things, the sun's rays can also have a detrimental effect on your vehicle surfaces. Over time, the sun will cause vinyl to crack and dashboards and upholstery to fade.  Putting a sunshade in the windshield (and back window, where possible) on a regular basis will keep damage to a minimum. They're inexpensive and help to keep your interior looking new.

Saving money on repair work and cleaning is easier when you take some time to make preventative care a priority. Keeping grime out of your ride will cut down on large maintenance costs in the future and will help to retain its value over time.

When shopping for a new Phoenix Mitsubishi Lunde Mitsubishi ( is a fun place to find your new vehicle.


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