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Laser teeth whitening by Dr. Bassem Samir Laser teeth whitening Teeth whitening methods are many and varied but the best way to whiten teeth is laser teeth whitening.
By: Dr. Bassem Samir
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CAIRO - June 18, 2017 - PRLog -- Laser teeth whitening

Teeth whitening methods are many and varied but the best way to whiten teeth is laser teeth whitening.

If we look at the traditional methods used to whiten the teeth, they include bleaching strips, a tooth whitening pen and a so-called tooth whitening pad. But in light of the terrible development we are witnessing in our time and with the use of laser technology in various fields even the medical field, it has become possible to whiten teeth laser, which is the best ever in modern times.

This image of one of the successful experiments that whitened the teeth with Dr. Bassem Samir

Whiten teeth before and after photos

The best way to whiten teeth medically

Laser teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures in the field of dental implants. This is because white teeth are very effective in showing the smile very beautifully and attractively.

It is known that the teeth of the lactating children are the whitest of the permanent teeth that are formed then, but with age, the permanent teeth become less white because of the changes in the teeth in the mineral composition, for example, the tooth enamel is less porous or may be due to teeth Food residues or pigments, cigarettes, or some medications

Teeth whitening can be defined as the cleaning of the denture layer of the teeth, which contains stains and dark colors that accumulated on the teeth for a considerable period of time and then staining or dyeing in white with the use of laser technology to a bright white.

Use of laser in the field of teeth whitening

Dentistry and laser technology

Like other doctors, dentists have used technology in various operations. Since the 1980s, dentists have started using laser technology to treat teeth, including teeth whitening, because the laser is given high quality and the patient feels very poor and gives very excellent results.

The purpose of using the laser in teeth whitening is to turn the color of the teeth from yellow or dark colors to whitish white.

The real reasons behind the color change teeth

The reasons for changing the color of the teeth from white to dark colors is to clean the teeth incorrectly or to take some medicines that have pigments affect the color of the teeth in addition to smoking cigarettes or drinking drinks containing caffeine or eating food coloring, all of the above affects To change the color of the teeth in addition to other natural causes as mentioned.

It is clear to us not only to clean the teeth only brush but to use the medical thread to clean between the teeth and use the mouthwash to reach all possible inside the mouth and eliminate bacteria completely.

How To Teeth Whitening Using Laser

How To Teeth Whitening Using Laser

Method of whitening the teeth using a laser: Doctors put plastic material on the gums to be protected and then put an oxygen substance with a high concentration on the teeth where it penetrates the teeth using a laser device, and leave the substance of bleaching on the teeth a little time and then removed , And the bleaching time is estimated to be about one hour to less than two hours.

Yellow teeth whitening

Changing the color of the teeth from yellow or dark to white, bright white works to return the smile to the patient's face.

The disadvantages and disadvantages of laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening needs a dental dentist trained in these types of operations and high efficiency to do such a process, because laser teeth whitening may occur in some negatives, although there is a high success rate in that process, there are some problems such as heating the dental layer Which leads to the disintegration of the cells causing inflammation and necrosis in the teeth, some problems also increase the concentration of oxygen, which is placed on teeth to whiten them may lead to damage to the gums, which were not protected adequately.

Steps ahead of the process

When you go to the dentist to whiten your teeth, the dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and check your gums to make sure there are no defects in your teeth or gums before you start the process. If there are some problems such as tooth decay or cavities, Or external spots on the surface of the teeth must be treated by the doctor first before starting the process of whitening the teeth.

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