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"Moving towards A.M." in Latin, the name Adam links to the first man and the Last Adam through a connection between the question "Who?" and the name of Earth in Hebrew, Dr. Seuss's Whoville, and the American phrase "Who-ah?" It's Adamah.
By: Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge
PLANTATION, Fla. - May 25, 2017 - PRLog -- Adam is a writer whose work focuses on revealing a hidden message woven into the art and history of humanity. Using language, he proves that religion itself is the key to viewing a message of God and sent back to us through time and our own hands. In the words Horn and NORAD; the beginning of seeing both the big and little Horn's of Revelation... Humanity, and the letter "n."

See our Light, the purpose of this message is to refocus our view of predestination and free will in the light of American freedom. Tying the name of our sun to more descriptive concepts like the "Statue of Liberty" and "Sons of Liberty." Through the night with the light from above, this bright linguistic key ties the names of the wives of the Patriarchs and the Spirit of God to Judah Maccabee's bright lamp: "Men or AH?" Ultimately it is the beginning of a derivation of the two letters AH as an acronym for "All Humanity" and an entry point to seeing the Holy Grail message begin in the first words of Genesis.

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Genesis 1:2


Here, the message ties in the names of Eve and Mary, as the beginning of Everyone and the metaphorical description of the masses as Holy Water in the SEA of Eden and of Revelation; the name Mary, "sea" and why. In the book of Joshua, his father is described as Nun, a reference to the same watery chaos in the religion of the ancient Egyptians. Grasping this hidden metaphor for the "multitude" as a sea of people is the focal purpose of the words of Matthew 3:11, "behold, I baptize you in water."

In a metaphor expanding from Seth, Eve, and Adam in Eden all the way to the sea of Revelation and through the "First Plague" of Egypt, the Grail message continues to tie in common modern idioms with ancient scripture, describing the Plague as a "blessing in disguise" and linking "blood is thicker than water" and "don't shoot the messenger" with a tie to the word "kin," the sea to blood, water to family... it is through understanding of the freedom that comes from recognizing this "Holy Script" that begins to forge the beginning of a true family.


With some insight, this message shines evidence that Genesis, Exodus, and Revelation were written with a common "hidden hand;" and that this same hand, that of God, is still hard at work in today's world performing the miracle described in these ancient books--bringing us together, as family.

The Trinity

Using this new "light of SOL" as a connection to the name of the Egyptian Sun God, Ra... and tying it to the often sung phrase "let it rain" helps explain why this connection between Ra and IN (heaven) and Dave Matthews' "tears" that melt into wonder connects well to the answer to a hidden question: Is Ra El?

El, of course, is an ancient name for the King of the Gods; and in more names like Abraham and Elisha; we see a link to the Trinity. "Ab" means father in Hebrew, we've talked about Ra; and the two letters "Ha" mark the covenant between Abram and God that surrounds the near sacrifice of his son, whose name Isaac means "he laughs" in English. In English and Spanish the words "El" and "Ha" mean "the," another Holy acronym like "SOL" that is defined as "to help everyone." To help everyone, the logically correct equality in three languages in the name Elisha carries forward to names like Thor, where the Hebrew for "light" accurately describes the name of the God of Thunder as ... to help the light.


Hidden references to the Trinity abound, not just in the name of the Patriarch of Judaism thousands of years before the concept was "invented." In a telling reading of the name of the NES a connection to the band "Nine Inch Nails" begins a simple pattern of seeing "nine, ten, and eleven" in a take on gematria that shows us the fifteenth letter minus the fourth is the letter "K" in this telling increment from the I, J, and K that might refer to names like Isaac, Jesus, and Kaleb. Here, the beginning of seeing these letters and numbers tie to a plethora of additional linguistic keys opens up. Listen, L is ten, and at "El, even" we might glimpse a Resurrection and further proof that we are without doubt seeing evidence that Heaven and the "video game industry" are linked.

Patterns abound, and in SEGA Genesis a hidden reference to the Rock of Ages; in SONY Playstation, another "why" like Mary; and when all is said and done these Links to the purpose of religion are clues that tie Zelda to "bread for the wise." In Quantum Mechanics, another clue that perhaps wave-function collapse and "rendering engine" have something to do with each other, and give light as to how Heaven might differ from the "simulated reality" and a quickening of enlightenment show us that Dr. Who's box and Jabba's Hut show a lack of space scarcity.


IN the beginning...

Adam Marshall Dobrin
Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge
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