Discrete Monitoring for Healthcare . sensor can detect when someone falls or is in a dangerous situ

CHESHUNT, U.K. - May 18, 2017 - PRLog -- The sensor can detect when someone falls or is in a dangerous situation and sends alert information in real time to caretaker personnel.

The sensor can detect deviations from daily routine which can prevent accidents or serious injuries.

Used in connection with ID cards, the sensor can detect when someone without an ID card follows someone with a card and alert security personnel, eliminating intruders or unauthorized persons.

3D-LiDAR (ToF)

Motion Sensor Platform

The Hitachi 3D-LiDAR (ToF) Motion Sensor Platform calculates movement and provides data in real time using infrared beam technology. The measurement is based on the time it takes light to travel to the object and back to the sensor, or the "time of flight" (ToF). Various edge analytics libraries are available for evaluation and customization.

Sensing Distance 2.3 ft. ~ 32.8 ft. (0.7 ~ 10 m) FOV H76° x V60° Pixel Resolution 640 x 480 (10 ~ 30 fps) Transfer data can be set to downsizing Distance Resolution X,Y:6 mm, Z:8 mm @ 2 m Lighting Infrared IR LD Size 5.4" x 2.7" x 2.7" 138 x 69 x 69 mm (Excluding projecting parts) Weight 540 g (Excluding cable) Interface Ethernet 100 base-TX (Power is provided by POE+) Illumination Condition Under 10,000 Lux (Indoor @ daytime) Temperature & Humidity Condition 0~45°C (Operable at 50°C) 0~95% (Non-condensing) Laser Class Laser class 1 Power Consumption 15W

Discrete Behaviours Tracking And

Intelligent Preventive Monitoring For

Healthcare Providers

IoT Imaging Solutions

Intelligent Healthcare Automation

Discrete Behaviours Tracking

■ Optimize Care Services and Staffing

■ Accurate Real-Time Behaviours Tracking w/o Privacy Concerns

Intelligent Preventive Monitoring

■ Improve Care in Private/Public Facilities

■ Patient's Routine Monitoring and Preventive Alerting

Additional Offerings from Hitachi:

■ Real-Time Edge Analytics Libraries

■ Integrated with Business Analytics Platforms

■ Professional Support for Customization

Discrete Monitoring for Healthcare

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