FLX Releases Electric Bike So Powerful it Could Kill You

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FLX Blade
FLX Blade
SAN FRANCISCO - May 16, 2017 - PRLog -- Electric Bike pioneers FLX announced today the launch of their BLADE electric crossover bike, a class defining electric bike that blurs the lines between bicycle and motorcycle. The Blade comes with a 48V 1000W motor capable of speeds in excess of 40mph. FLX warns potential riders to use at their own risk, because misuse of a bike with such a powerful motor could prove fatal.

In contrast to some garage DIY projects with bolt on motors, FLX has designed this bike from the ground up with a team of experts led by FLX Pro downhill rider Sasha Abrazovic. Sasha admits the power is "excessive for a casual ride, but it's meant to empower the thrill seeker and adventurous spirit within us all."

Founders Pete Leaviss and Robert Rast seem to have no qualms about releasing a potentially deadly product. When asked about possible fatalities, Robert stated, "In America we celebrate the freedom to choose how we live our lives. If you want the fastest bike around, it's nobody's business to tell you when to stop." Pete claimed that "Avalanches kill loads of people, but you would never outlaw skiing. Almost anything that's fun is inherently dangerous. That's what excited us, using the very pinnacle of technology to push our human limits to the edge. If you use it wrong, just like any other product, it could very well kill you. That's your freedom and your choice. We'll just make the coolest ebikes we can imagine and hang on for the ride."

See the blade in action here: https://youtu.be/YMkFALlq5lw

The Blade was released on FLX's shop at FLX.bike and is available for purchase at the price of $3499, $500 less than the official price of $3999 that it will sell for when it hits dealers worldwide.


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