First Human Time Travel Test Subject Program Gets Launched Saturday May 13th

For the first time ever, fans of time travel will have the opportunity to be involved in the first steps ever to make human time travel a reality, thanks to technology based on the ideas of Nikola Tesla.
The first ZeitNauts promotional stunt. Copyright 2016
The first ZeitNauts promotional stunt. Copyright 2016
YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - May 9, 2017 - PRLog -- NBC's sci-fi adventure, Timeless, may be stuck in limbo, waiting to see if it will get a second
season, but the real life project it inspired, is moving full speed ahead. The ZeitNauts™, a reality movie project created by internationally noted R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes, will be launched officially this weekend at the MarCon science fiction convention in downtown Columbus, OH. There will be a lecture on it, plus other time travel related events, and an opportunity for those attending and those just wanting, to sign-up at the Heroes and Games store there, to be considered as one of the real life, ZeitNauts (time travelers). They'll be involved with experiments using a technological platform, based on ideas of Nikola Tesla, to induce time slips, reality shifts and other related phenomena at sites already known for them. It will be a first time ever effort, with no guarantees about what will happen, if anything.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's purely experimental," Marshall states, "but then again, you don't get anywhere, or discover anything, if you don't try. I understand the technology, I know it has potential, and I know the kinds of areas we're going to test it in, and they can be significant on their own. This is just to see if we can push the envelope, and then, what happens."

The idea came from a series of breakthroughs Marshall was having in relation to time travel, both in theory, experiments and technological development. Marshall is the inventor of the first time machine, the Verdrehung Fan™ which opens micro wormholes. Though theoretically it can be scaled in size to create a single stable wormhole, because the physics it uses is not based on General Relativity, he has not begun the experiments that must be done to get it larger yet. Mohammad Mansouryar, the so-called "Iranian Einstein", predicted that such an arrangement, like that which the Verdrehung Fan™ creates with a rotating mesh of micro wormholes, could collapse the space in the center to form one stable wormhole, but for now, Marshall's returned to an experiment he successfully created based on Nikola Tesla's idea for a wall of light, that if "programmed", could warp space and time and matter. New Year's Eve of 2010, he was able to create a wall of light and filmed the experiment which lasted some 2 hours (see ). The result was a modulating void of light and at times was so bright it began to envelope him. At some moments, he completely disappeared.

"That experiment was just to see if the wall of light could be created, it didn't involve programming it," Marshall explains. "I didn't even know how back then, but last fall, that all changed."

That was about the time NBC's Timeless was on the air and obviously struggling, despite a good deal of promotion by the network.

"It just felt off, especially after its much hyped premise of preventing the past from being changed, and then they would fail. It's not a premise based on the latest science either, which I guess got some fans upset, and that's what started it all".

What started was a Timeless writer, Shawn Ryan, making a comment on Twitter, about how much the writers of the show cared about the rules of time travel and for a science that didn't exist yet, some Timeless fans were certain of what the rules were. Marshall was immediately ticked-off.

"I wasn't in the original discussions, but I knew Ryan was lying about caring about such 'rules' and wasn't aware of any of the time travel science research going on and clearly was arrogant about it. So I picked a fight with him on Twitter and won. He got exposed for what he is"

Out of that, and Timeless in trouble, Marshall decided to do what Ryan could never do - a show featuring time travel fans involved in real life experiments with the technology of Nikola Tesla. And so, ZeitNauts™ was born.

"At first it was just a way for me to flip Shawn off, because I really hated how he took a great cast like he had, and all the production and everything, and just produced a C+ product in terms of what they wrote for it and acted like it was grade A. I've no respect for the man, especially after he lied about time travel rules, then revealed in an interview they really didn't concern him and his team after all. So I launched the ZeitNauts™, full blown concept, with a logo online and the statement, 'Time's up, Timeless! The True Time Teams are on their way,' with the logo off to the side in the background. The point was the science Shawn didn't realize existed, was now about to over take him and the show he ruined, and become a show in its own right. That's happening now".

The show will be a 2 hour reality movie, with a version for TV being about 90 minutes, 2 hours for home video and perhaps theatical release as an independent film.

Marshall already has an associate, with Hollywood connections, going to pitch the show, but Marshall is determined to make it regardless.

"It'll be Duran Duran's Sing Blue Silver documentary, meets Ghost Adventurers, but about time slips and bizarre, real life technology - and the people willing to takes risks to experience it."

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