Wrestling Legends Set for Evening Gown Match!

Ex-WWF Star Jesse Hernandez vs the Original "Mr. Wonderful" of Professional Wrestling, Rock Riddle
By: Jesse Hernandez
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2-Time Hall of Famer Rock Riddle - Pro Wrestling's Original "Mr. Wonderful"
2-Time Hall of Famer Rock Riddle - Pro Wrestling's Original "Mr. Wonderful"
LAS VEGAS - April 22, 2017 - PRLog -- The floor director counted down the final three seconds to air time.  Rock Riddle, professional wrestling's original "Mr. Wonderful," snapped immediately into character.  "I am in a league of my own!" he began, looking directly into the camera in his typical cocky, condescending, and arrogant bad-guy style.

"I used to watch this WWF star, Jesse Hernandez, wrestle when I was a kid," Rock continued.  "I had several heroes whom I really admired.  Hernandez was not one of them – but he did help inspire me to a lesser degree, to enter the world of professional wrestling."

Mr. Hernandez was watching the live TV feed from the greenroom.  "That lying son of a gun," he exclaimed, "Riddle never watched me when he was a kid – he's older than me!"

Rock continued his interview, ignoring the floor director's time cues and taking considerably more time than was allotted.  "Yes, my childhood hero, Jesse Hernandez, signed a contract to wrestle me!  He obviously didn't read it.  His entire pay for that match is being donated to charity, and – are you ready for this? – It's an evening gown match!"  Laughing, Riddle continued to belittle and poke fun at his upcoming opponent – who was all-the-while watching the ever-lengthening Rock Riddle interview.

"When do I get to respond?" Hernandez asked.  "The show's almost over!"  Leaving the green room and walking up and down the hallways, he continued repeating the question to anyone who would listen.

Removing his headset, the floor director exited the studio and almost ran directly into a stern Jesse Hernandez.  "I'm so sorry," he said to Mr. Hernandez.  "Rock Riddle wouldn't stop talking.  He used up his time . . . and your time."  He hesitated as he looked down to avoid the reddening face of Jesse Hernandez, swallowed hard, and said, almost in a whisper, "the show's over."

Rock half-emerged from the studio, mockingly taunted Jesse, then quickly closed and locked the door from the inside.

Jesse Hernandez and Rock Riddle will face off in an evening gown match at 9:00 PM on April 29th at the Fremont Country Club, 601 Fremont Street, Las Vegas.  Everyone involved in the match is donating their fee to the Cauliflower Alley Club charity.

Rock Riddle, Jesse Hernandez, and others associated with the event are available for interviews.  Thanks to Empire Wrestling Federation and special referee Mickey Moreno

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