Simon Smith eVestigator says, "Prime Minister Turnbull and Mr. Tehan lack Cybersecurity knowledge promoting false jobs"

Mr. Simon Smith from finds major flaws with the so-called Government's promise to increase Cybersecurity jobs to fix the problem in Australia. He finds Mr. Tehan displays a lack of education in Cybersecurity and is allegedly setting up young people for failure, promoting false job opportunities, and misleading the public.
By: Simon Smith eVestigator
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Tehan and Turnbull Cybersecurity Diploma Mill - Come one come all - Free Sausage
Tehan and Turnbull Cybersecurity Diploma Mill - Come one come all - Free Sausage
MELBOURNE, Australia - April 12, 2017 - PRLog -- Simon Smith from eVestigator® ( is truly a seasoned Cybersecurity Master, and Forensic Private Investigator, Reverse Engineer, IT Master/Auditor and Computer Digital Forensics Expert Witness in his field. As the policing of Cybercrime in Australia is inadequate, he himself is often asked to assist by the public to find Cybercriminals, Cyberstalkers, Cyberscammers and Cyberterrorists as the police and AFP simply fail. He is well known to the media and has appeared on three major TV networks.

Even after years of citizens begging the police and AFP to perform their role under Acts of State and Federal Parliament, they continue to refuse to do so, despite their ability to access free FBI training. Mr. Smith has seen many cases, and has seen the utter failure of ACORN and its incompetence at its worst. He has over 100 Australian Qualifications and many US Certifications that are recognised by the US Department of Homeland Security.

In recent news, the Minister assisting the Prime Minister on Cybersecurity, Dan Tehan, revealed Mr. Turnbull had called a meeting of political party heads with government cyber security experts to "make sure they're fully briefed on what they need to be doing to ensure their systems are safe." Mr. Smith stated, "They are planning on spending millions of dollars on single University courses to combat 'Cybersecurity', which is laughable to any expert in this field."

He explains, "It is a discipline that is not just IT, defending router attacks, malware, viruses as explained in their outline. It is about the 'human mind', and understanding what happens on the front line of a 'human mind phishing attack'. I stand on the frontline when I find Cybercriminals and have become an expert Social Engineer. This shows the Government have no idea what 90% of the risk is and what they should be teaching when they plan to recruit people with skills for 'Cybersecurity'."

Mr. Smith is concerned they are misleading the younger workforce into false job opportunities that can only be created by spending decades of experience in multiple disciplines to master, and states that this is actually statistically proven in the findings that are present in Mr. Tehan's own statements and articles.

"By throwing millions of dollars at training institutes and opening up offices in each state to many may sound like a good idea, but as a Master of IT, Programming, Cybersecurity, Forensic Investigator, Cybercrime, IT Security, Malware de-obfuscation, Computer Logic, Boardroom, Business, Human Interaction and Process Master with real industry knowledge and history to back me up of over 21 years I cannot fathom how Mr. Tehan thinks you can teach that in 3 years," Mr. Smith jokingly said.

"It is actually, in my opinion, misleading and deceptive conduct and false advertising a job that cannot exist - as nobody will employ these people. The only winners are the Universities who will be cashing in on the false advertising," Mr. Smith said.

"Cybersecurity is a boardroom concern. How is it one can gain boardroom skills straight out of Secondary College? How can you gain frontline skills knowing how to perform 'social engineering' - which is 90% of the art of Cybersecurity - an art that goes way beyond Information Technology? It is clear the Prime Minister and Mr. Tehan have no expertise in the area and no real industry experience in the frontline and/or mitigation and lockdown, which is proven below."

"It is well known in Cybersecurity that the biggest error and starting point for attacks is 'human error' as quoted directly here, This is called social engineering. Scammers use 'humans' to get their foot in the door to perform major cyber-attacks and have done for the last major incidents. The average Cyberattack is not known until typically around 300 days after it has occurred. It is well known that social engineering is 'the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging information that may be used for fraudulent purposes'."

He went on to say, "There is no possible way in a three year degree with one discipline or syllabus a student will learn and be employed in this art which consists of 90% of attacks without being an expert in 'finding Cyberscammers', having a 'boardroom level knowledge', as well as, in my case, over 21 years' industry experience as a Master IT & Cybersecurity Expert, Mediator, DRP, Master Programmer and Lecturer, Understanding the foundations of all SDLC roles (inputs and outputs) in a Company, Reverse Malware Engineer, Cybercrime frontline expert with real industry experience and backline expert Mitigating Cyber Crimes with Real Industry Experience, Cyber Response / Counter-intelligence, as well as a Forensic Investigator and Expert Witness experience dealing with real cases for real crimes."

Mr. Smith describes that promising jobs is a setup for failure and only very few senior retired high ranking Detectives and rare people with similar backgrounds to himself with strong Computer Digital Forensic backgrounds are likely to only be employable sadly, and this is not ideal for anyone. Mr. Smith offered to help Mr. Tehan in setting up a proper system for future people but Mr. Tehan ignored him.

Mr. Smith is of the view that the Prime Minister and Mr. Tehan and the team they have set up would rather engage in Misleading and Deceptive conduct, and breach the Australian Consumer Law promoting false job opportunities, falsely misappropriating taxpayer money than listen to real experts with real results, with real advice.

Mr. Smith has a message to Mr. Tehan about his misleading and deceptive statement on Cybercrime training and jobs. "The Prime Minister must have enormous faith to choose you," he says. "I've been coding since 11 years old, and have over 21 years of Industry Experience as a Master Programmer, performing everything under the SDLC and also board level, a Cybercrime Investigator, an IT Auditor, an Expert Witness and 'a real' Cybersecurity expert who has found over 110 of your Cyberstalkers that 'Your Police Fail to Find', as well as >$50m of Cyberscammers that 'Your Police Refuse' and are mostly 'Incapable of Finding' and fail consumers every day (evidence available)."

Mr. Smith further says, "In your own article you identify clearly the concept of phishing and 'Social engineering' but you fail in the learning approach thinking computer courses fix this. On your own evidence your graduates will learn of the attack 300 days after 90% of the time they become alerted."

"Well done, Australia! Good spending of millions of dollars and a nice way for our Universities to put out some false advertising false careers." Mr. Smith urged the Prime Minister and Mr. Tehan to research more instead of making fake jobs. He stated that you cannot defend against the truth from real practicing experts. "The evidence and contradictions of Mr. Tehan's wasted millions of dollars of trained workforce will be active 300 days later than the 90% of the attacks."

Mr. Smith is disgraced in the government on their sheer incompetence and lack of understanding of Cybersecurity and draws their attention to their world known draw back from innovation. He states that Australia is headed for disaster and he tried to assist. He maintains that taxpayers should not have to pay for alleged contraventions of Australian Consumer Law. He expresses an intent to raise this matter with the opposition and Auditor-General for immediate audit.

Simon Smith, eVestigator®, is a real Industry expert with real cases and real testimonials. He is a Master Programmer, Mediator, Commonwealth DRP, Cyber Intelligence Forensic Investigator, Master of Cybersecurity, and Court Expert Witness. He performs Social Engineering and Cybersecurity testing for companies who are serious about their commitment to their obligations under the Privacy Act.


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