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From the Office of Rob McConnell, President & CEO , REL-MAR McConnell Media Company
HAMILTON, Ontario - April 10, 2017 - PRLog -- As President and CEO of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company, of which The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network is a part, I am proud to announce the Premiering of a New Show, exclusive to The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network and our broadcast affiliates and partners - TWO GOOD TO BE TRUE with the Father and Daughter team of Pete and Justina Marsh.

PETER MARSH: Pete was born in Dorset, England.  His family later moved inland to Wiltshire, England.  Growing up, his formative years were spent not far from Stonehenge or from the Avebury stone circles.  He always had an interest in the unexplained in the world.  Pete trained as an engineer with qualifications in materials science.  After moving to Norway, he emigrated to the United States to further his career.  In recent years, Pete has become increasingly interested in the history of the world, which has progressed into studying spiritual beliefs.  Pete continues to work as an engineer, and spends much of his spare time researching the true nature and purpose of mankind.  Pete does not claim psychic abilities, but has learned to trust his intuition.  Pete's mother and grandmother were both psychically gifted.

JUSTINA MARSH: Justina was born in Florida but moved to the Midwest at an early age.  Justina knew from a young age that she had some special gifts that others did not but did not know exactly what these gifts were.  Her parents told stories about ghosts Justina would talk to or how she would point out orbs floating around the room.  Justina's great grandmother practiced as a psychic many years ago and she is part of a family lineage of psychics.  She decided to pursue an education and graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemistry.  Justina works as a chemist but also wants to do more.  Justina was always interested in learning all she could about the world.  She realized that she could help share information using her psychic abilities.  She is very interested in the paranormal world and conspiracy theories.

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