United Utilities Q&A released on AMR metering programme update

SMi report: New interview released with Neil Harper, United Utilities
By: SMi Group
300X300 Smart Water Systems
300X300 Smart Water Systems
LONDON - March 30, 2017 - PRLog -- SMi Group are thrilled to welcome the expertise of Neil Harper, Operational Development Manager at United Utilities at the 6th annual conference on Smart Water Systems when it returns to Central London this April.

Neil has worked at United Utilities for over 30 years and has extensive experience in the area of water metering. In his current role as Operational Development Manager, he is responsible for the development and delivery of metering strategy and policy, and has developed the 'passive' meter reading solution from concept to delivery as a fully embedded meter reading solution, unique in the UK. The passive solution utilised by UUW is believed to be the largest in the world.

Through his presentation, Neil will give an update on the progress of United Utilities' automatic meter reading programme. He will share details on current developments and the challenges that arise as well as report about the usefulness of the data retrieved.

In the run-up to the event, SMi Group caught up with Neil to discuss key successes and challenges in the industry and his upcoming talk. From the answers given, it is apparent that there are many exciting opportunities in the smart water sector.

"We are at the threshold of having an exciting opportunity to take metering forwards, possibly beyond that what we are seeing in the energy sector. There have been some bold decisions taken by a few water companies in rolling out their versions of 'smart' metering, but each is employing different solutions and different technologies as they see best, based on their own business needs. An 'industry' approach and industry evolution needs wide scale collaboration to be truly effective."

"Think of opportunities, not challenges..!! Aside from the perennial topics of climate change, population growth, water conservation, reducing leakage and providing a great customer service as efficiently as possible (isn't that enough?!!), the level of change within the industry through Market Reform, and the likelihood of Domestic Retail competition being on the horizon, offers us some great opportunities to improve our customer offerings and define our brands much further than we could have imagined a few years ago."

The full interview is available to read in the event download centre at http://www.smart-water-systems.com/prlog.

For those who are interested in attending, there is special rate available for the Utility and Public sector.

SMi's 6th annual conference:

Smart Water Systems
24th - 25th April 2017
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London UK

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