Worldwide UBI movement website launched

The UBI movement website is a showcase of global advocates pushing the Universal Basic Income movement forward and a way for newcomers to learn more.
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - March 27, 2017 - PRLog -- The UBI movement is a global movement that has actually been occurring for more than 50 years. What used to be a technology Twitter account posting updates about the latest gadgets, useful technology tips, and other useful smartphone applications has now turned into a highlighting platform for a global movement for societal change called "@UBImovement".

But what is UBI? Here's a quick rundown of what we know:

Universal means everyone gets it. Unconditional means there is no prerequisites or stipulations. Basic implies a foundational floor, enough to survive. Basic means getting access to vital food, clean water, things like simple shelter. These things we take for granted but it ensures social inclusion. It's a fact: human beings are social creatures. Human beings also have limited time in their lives, especially when fighting for survival. Income means simply getting a monthly amount ensured, as a right, for being a human being, on Earth. That means everyone considers you to have worth and value from day zero so you can express yourself and your fulfillment fully. UBI gives you more time, which means more freedom. It's not only completely logical, it's a moral imperative, and it's a simple choice to step toward a better future. Now, thousands on Twitter and Facebook and in the 'Worldwide UBI movement' have done so and are asking you to consider doing the same.

After learning about the massive potential for Universal Basic Income to create a better future for all people on Earth, Stuart Mark, the founder of decided that the best use of the aging and dwindling technology Twitter account would be to breathe new life into it and convert it into a platform to help the global movement. Shortly thereafter the website was created and launched to much fanfare on the Universal Basic Income reddit community at and hundreds of followers on Twitter.

The goal of the website is twofold, one goal is to introduce newcomers to the idea, the other is to encourage advocates all over the world to connect with each other. The idea is to bolster and accelerate the fast-growing global digital community surrounding Universal/Unconditional Basic Income and leverage Twitter.

The website was announced on the @UBImovement Twitter account on March 16th, 2017, you may see the tweet here:

The idea of UBI has been gaining and growing in momentum and recently it has become a mainstream conversation, with publishings in CNN, The Guardian, Business Insider, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Financial Times, CNBC, New York Times, and many others much thanks to prominent writers and advocates like Scott Santens (@ScottSantens on Twitter). The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk (@elonmusk), and other prominent leaders have been outspoken supporters of the idea.

Studies have shown that individuals who are introduced to the idea are likely to support it after they do their own research to understand it further. If you are interested in learning more please read the research here:

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