Urbane International, The Market Leader for Golden Visa Investment Projects in Spain, Launches New Residential Projects

Since the 2013 law in Spain allowing non EU nationals to obtain a residency permit for an investment of at least 500,000 Euros in property, one company has been helping investors obtain this. Urbane International Real Estate have launched several new prime investment projects in Barcelona. Investors can not only obtain the so called Spanish "Golden Visa" but can also enjoy significant return on their investment.
By: Urbane International Real Estate
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Post Indsutrial Residential Project in a Converted Factory
Post Indsutrial Residential Project in a Converted Factory
BARCELONA, Spain - April 10, 2017 - PRLog -- In the monumental heart of the Eixample district in a beautiful modernist building we find Urbane International Real Estate. Their offices are a perfect example of the type of property that Urbane offer to their clients.

"These high ceilings and wonderful mosaic floors are what our customers love here," Mike Williams tells us. "Barcelona was the centre of a modernist movement that left an amazing architectural heritage. No other city in the world has more modernist buildings on the UNESCO world heritage list."

Spanish 'Golden Visa'
Since 2013 the Spanish authorities introduced a new law that allows non EU nationals to obtain Spanish residency if they invest in real estate or in Spanish businesses.

"Really the easiest way is to buy a property for 500,000 Euros or more," Mike tells us. "Once the purchase is made we put the client in contact with a team of specialist lawyers who can then assist them with the residency application."

"Where Urbane is different to other Barcelona real estate agents is we take the selection of property very seriously. It is not enough to offer properties at 500,000 Euros; we are committed to finding the very best property which will offer the highest possible return on investment."

"We take various factors into account," Mike continues, "not just the location of the property, but the quality of the building and the perspective for capital growth. If the apartment is in a popular part of town then it will always hold value and grow. We have seen properties in the centre of Barcelona increase in value by quite a significant amount in the last 6 months alone."

New Barcelona Residential Projects

The first is a unique Barcelona post industrial residential project in a converted factory in Gracia, Barcelona, a wonderful blend of design and function that promises to be a landmark in Barcelona.

"We are thrilled to announce the launch of three refurbishment projects in classic Barcelona buildings," Mike explains.

"The second Real Estate Inverstment Project in Barcelona is in the heart of the city, only two blocks from the Sagrada Familia. It consists of 26 apartments to be upgraded to the highest spec for modern living."

The third is a refurbished building project in Gracia (https://www.beurbane.co.uk/luxury-gracia-apartments-sale-carrer-de-josep-torres-20/). A stunning building from 1892 is the canvas for this total refurbishment project.



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