Shawn Ryan, Writer/Creator of NBC's "Timeless" Loses Twitter Fight with Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng

Shawn Ryan, a writer/creator of the NBC show, Timeless, unwittingly picked a fight with internationally noted R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes, when he tweeted a comment dismissing fans of the show who take the "rules of time travel" seriously.
The "Times Up Timeless" promotional graphic
The "Times Up Timeless" promotional graphic
YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - Feb. 24, 2017 - PRLog -- "We take our time travel rules VERY seriously on #Timeless.
For a science that doesn't exist yet, fans are VERY certain what rules are!"

In a world where people become famous for tweets they soon regret, that one will make the list for Hollywood TV show writer and creator, Shawn Ryan. Ryan, whose Twitter handle is @ShawnRyanTV, has been busy with the NBC sci-fi program, Timeless, a time travel show struggling to get a second season and launching campaigns for fans to pressure NBC to renew it.

Trouble started when Ryan's tweet came to the attention of internationally noted R&D engineer Marshall Barnes, recognized as a time travel expert for his theoretical, experimental and engineering work on the subject. Recently, he completed research confirming his so-called, Rachel and Emiliy RetroWorldality experiments, prove not only that parallel universes are real but time travel can only happen when the participatory aspect of the universe (or omniverse) responds with a copy universe of the time travel target. Being an expert (see ) means Marshall knew from the start Timeless doesn't follow any scientific models for time travel, and as someone who watched the show with interest, he saw this as one of it's few weaknesses.  Ryan's tweet was viewed as insulting, to people that brought it to Marshall's attention.

"First of all, it's a lie," Marshall insisted, "they break their own rules, which are B.S. to begin with, and the science of time travel does exist and has for some time. In fact, now, it's actually formalized, so Ryan's statement to the contrary is not only false and uninformed, it's insulting since he uses the alleged indeterminate existence of time travel science as a reason to complain about Timeless fans complaining about its inconsistencies. So I challenged him to debate it on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis and heard nothing".

Finally, last Monday night, the season finale for Timeless, Marshall baited Ryan on Twitter and he took it.

"I'm beginning to think that @ShawnRyanTV is hiding after shooting off his tweet dissing #Timeless fans that care about #timetravel rules."

5:28 PM - 20 Feb 2017

A Timeless fan tweeted in response -

Louis Epstein
@Paranovation @ShawnRyanTV Count me among those #Timeless fans!

 Then suddenly Ryan himself showed up.

Shawn Ryan
@Paranovation not sure what tweet your referring to, but best of luck with everything and hope you enjoy the season finale. #Timeless

"I wasn't letting him blow me off, like nothing was up," Marshall explained. He responded with -

Paranovation Blog
@shawnryantv Don't con me @ShawnRyanTV, you know damn well what I'm talking about -… Now you're afraid to back it up.

Ryan responded -

Shawn Ryan
@Paranovation Well, not sure why you're so offended by that. I say we take our rules seriously. Acknowledge fan passion. Have a good day.

Marshall was nonplussed.

Paranovation Blog
@shawnryantv You don't take the rules seriously, it's obvious in that interview with Trent Moore. And frankly it's hurt your show. #Timeless

Marshall's comment went right to the survivability of Timeless. Marshall had caught Shawn in a lie - it's apparent in an interview that Ryan did with Trent Moore for Paste Magazine (see ). Instead of taking the time travel rules "VERY" seriously, time travel itself is less than secondary.

"Where some sci-fi TV series might spend hours delving into the minutia of time travel, Ryan says that, with Timeless, he and Kripke wanted to get the 'rules' out of the way as quickly as possible..."

But Ryan tried to defend his position -

Shawn Ryan
@Paranovation spent a week in writers room establishing rules, take them extraordinarily seriously. Sorry you disagree. Free to not watch.

Paranovation Blog
@shawnryantv Then you broke them all. Too bad none of you were smart enough to read up on the current science - that you think doesn't exist

(for the record of the exchange see )

After that, Ryan left, but it was too late. Marshall had everything he needed to bash Ryan's attitude, actions and response, with impunity. It was also a victory for a growing audience intensely interested in time travel but finds themselves put off or even intellectually insulted when presented with time travel action that doesn't make sense.

On Reddit, someone named, Yerushalmi, summed it up - "It's one thing to see writers and showrunners make a mistake. It's another thing entirely to see them revel in the mistake as though it were a wonderfully great idea. This has to be fixed if we get a season two."

But now, Marshall couldn't care less.

"I promoted Timeless on Twitter but I'm quitting after Ryan did that tweet and the season being over (see graphic insert). I'm launching The ZeitNauts, the first ever human time travel development project with volunteers and we're making a TV special out of it, like Mars One plans on their reality series. I'm using technology Nikola Tesla discussed but never built. Time travel is about to end as science fiction, so Timeless has run out of time, and my only interest in it - here on out, is in speaking at sci-fi conventions to writers about how not to make the same mistakes Shawn Ryan has".

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