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Encephalitis Global is proud to share the release of a new book which delves into the topic of encephalitis, blending scientific viewpoint with the story of a family personally impacted by encephalitis.
By: Encephalitis Global
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NEW YORK - Feb. 6, 2017 - PRLog -- Titled The Perpetual Now and written by Michael D. Lemonick, the book will be on sale February 7th 2017.

Award-winning science journalist Michael D. Lemonick is an opinion editor at Scientific American and a former senior science writer at Time. In The Perpetual Now Lemonick shares the most remarkable biography of encephalitis survivor Lonni Sue Johnson. As an artist pre-encephalitis, Johnson regularly produced covers for The New Yorker. She was also a musician and an amateur pilot. Post-encephalitis, Johnson has maintained skill as an artist and musician, but has lost an ability most of us take for granted … the ability to remember. Her brain appears to "re-boot" three or four times every hour of every day.

Early in recovery Johnson was encouraged by her mother to re-discover her artistic ability. In striving to create a continuity in her life, Johnson does now focus on her art, drawing almost every waking moment of every day. When one piece of art is complete, it is added to a pile, and another piece is started.

Johnson's day-to-day life unfolds like a drama as we read of the amazing support provided her by family and the support she provided to medical professionals. Escorted by her sister Aline, Johnson cheerfully assists Johns Hopkins' Brain Science Institute researchers in their studies to unlock the secrets of how the brain makes, saves and recalls memories.

Click World Encephalitis Day Challenge to take part in Encephalitis Global's contest by telling us how encephalitis has changed YOUR world. Three entries will be chosen by random draw on World Encephalitis Day, February 22, 2017. Each will receive their own copy of The Perpetual Now.

One interesting result of this book is its demonstration of the ability of an encephalitis survivor to have a rewarding life post-encephalitis. Lemonick recently reflected, "What surprised me most was that I'd assumed someone with a badly damaged memory would have lost most of her 'self,' since we think of our memories as fundamental to who we are. It wasn't that way at all: Lonni Sue is at her core essentially the same charming, engaging person she was before her illness. It was a privilege to be given a glimpse into her remarkable life."

Encephalitis Global is proud to promote this book. Please consider purchasing the book through Amazon Smile by clicking The Perpetual Now - Amazon Smile. By doing so, Amazon will make a donation to Encephalitis Global for each book sold.

The Perpetual Now will be educational and informative reading both for medical professionals and for survivors and caregivers of encephalitis.

Wendy Station, Founder/President
Encephalitis Global


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