Terry Sacka Discusses America's Culture of Distraction

Dr. Charles Vance interviewed Terry Sacka, Chief Strategist of Cornerstone Asset Metals, to discuss America's Culture of Distraction and how division, options and choices affect every aspect of our life from our social life to our personal finances.
By: Cornerstone Asset Metals
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Americas Culture of Distraction
Americas Culture of Distraction
JUPITER, Fla. - Jan. 29, 2017 - PRLog -- Mr. Sacka opened by posing the question, "We have so many outlets, so many opportunities for information; how do we know what's true and what's not? Lucifer just needs to divide us and in doing so he can keep us weaker. That's how we've allowed sexually perverted politics, left-wing socialists, anarchists and Marxists to seem like they're mainstream when of course to a rational person it's impossible. What we put into our mind we become, so if he can keep us weak then he wins."

His full comments can be seen in the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTZm7D87lsQ

He went on to say, "You would never believe we would have such division in our country. The division is so Luciferian. I believe politics has got to the epic of epic level of distraction with lies and/or half-truths." Mr. Sacka gave an example of this with the number of jobs former President Barack Obama stated his administration created versus the actual true numbers. You can even see how the casual reader could become wildly confused by reading two different articles on CNN.com on the same topic with seemingly conflicting data here and here.

Hear the entire interview on The Wealth Transfer News Radio at http://www.CornerstoneAssetMetals.com/podcast/.

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About Terry Sacka
Mr. Sacka has been quoted several times by some of the most respected financial publications, such as Investor's Business Daily and Institutional Investor and even on the Wikipedia page "Silver as an Investment".

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