William Michael Cunningham announces support for USBC/Liberty Bank #BankBlack Credit Card

WASHINGTON - Jan. 23, 2017 - PRLog -- As the US Black Chambers noted, "#BankBlack is the single most powerful economic movement currently taking place in Black America. Now is the time to utilize our Black banks as more than a place to hold our money, but as a resource for securing capital. In an effort to help Black entrepreneurs obtain capital for personal or business use, we've created a Bank Card with one of the nation's most trusted and historic Black-owned banks-- Liberty Bank. Join us in Banking-Black. Apply for your USBC Bank Card today.

The USBC's Bank-Black Card is gaining waves of support from Black business experts and advocates including celebrity actress Kim Fields, basketball icon Lisa Leslie, and most recently finance expert William Michael Cunningham. Take a look at Cunningham's brief breakdown of the the benefits of USBC's Bank-Black Card. Share this with your network of Black entrepreneurs."

See our video below: https://youtu.be/BwBzDrkf5rE (https://t.co/aLjOEWt4Uv)

As Mr. Cunningham noted in the video, not only does this card carry a lower than average APR of 9.96% (the average APR for a credit card of this type is 14.57%) but it supports the development of Black community based businesses.In addition, Liberty Bank is one of the best Black-owned banks in the US, according to research published by MinorityBank.com.

To apply, go to: http://www.libertybank.net/personal/card_services/affinit...

William Michael Cunningham

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