Jennifer S. Wilkov to Participate In and Tell Women to Speak Up During the Women's March on Washington

Speak Up Women Conference Founder to March in the Women's March on Washington Today in Washington, D.C.

Victim of the New York State Criminal Justice System's & Ameriprise Financial's Erroneous Campaigns -- Jennifer S. Wilkov -- Has Used This Ordeal as Inspiration to Help Others
By: Speak Up World LLC
Jennifer S Wilkov, Founder of Speak Up Women Conference, #1 Bestselling Author
Jennifer S Wilkov, Founder of Speak Up Women Conference, #1 Bestselling Author
NEW YORK - Jan. 21, 2017 - PRLog -- Jennifer S. Wilkov, the founder of the annual Speak Up Women Conference ( who was wrongfully convicted of a white collar crime in the New York State criminal court system, will be marching today in the Women's March on Washington in Washington, D.C. Ms. Wilkov will be posting and providing insights and reports from the march through her Facebook Live broadcasts and posts at

Ms. Wilkov will be marching with the Service Women's Action Network (SWAN), a non-partisan organization of active and veteran military women who are committed to defending and strengthening the rights and opportunities available to all women who have served in the military, past, present and future. SWAN is participating in the march to express universal support for gender equality, not only in the military but also throughout American society. Over the past decade, significant strides have been made to secure rights and opportunities for military women. SWAN is committed to preserving and protecting these rights in 2017, and in keeping the momentum moving forward, as is Ms. Wilkov.

Ms. Wilkov will talk about her experience at the Women's March on Washington as part of her keynote address at the Speak Up Women Conference event on March 3, 2017. Ms. Wilkov will share how she continues to support others with the important skills needed to build better relationships, personally and professionally, and to speak up about the issues they care about with loved ones, in the workplace, and in their lives.

Ms. Wilkov has continued to help change and shape the lives of others, not just through the philanthropic efforts of this experience, but also through her work as the Philanthropy Coordinator of the Manhattan BNI franchise and as an active board member, speaker and lobbyist for the It Could Happen to You organization that fights for justice reform in New York State.

Ms. Wilkov has previously addressed her controversial case in her award-winning feature article that appeared in the April 2009 issue of Marie Claire ( and during her March 2009 interview on CNBC Squawk Box ( She has also spoken publicly about it during her TEDx Talk at the TEDxBroadStreetNY event in June 2011 ( Three years after she was falsely accused and incarcerated in Rikers Island, F.I.N.R.A., the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, denied all claims in their entirety against Ms. Wilkov, proving her innocence and pointing to the failures and negligence of her firm's compliance supervision, which they concealed from the criminal prosecution process years earlier.

"I'm delighted to have the unique opportunity to share this important day with all women here in the United States and around the world as well as with the attendees of the Speak Up Women Conference in March," says Jennifer S. Wilkov. "Oftentimes, we are uncertain about what we are going to do when we are hit with what appears to be a challenging or even devastating situation; moreover, we are not confident about how we are going to handle it. What most people fear is to be judged, by their friends, colleagues, and by society at large. All of us need to learn that you have the right to remain fabulous – in every situation, circumstance and condition – and that we can all make a difference and reach our own individual dreams through speaking up, persevering, and sustaining our individual sense of confidence and self-worth."

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About Speak Up Women

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About Jennifer S. Wilkov

Jennifer S. Wilkov's passion for communication has made her a #1 international best-selling award-winning author, a keynote speaker, an award-winning freelance writer, a successful book and business consultant, a #1 radio show host and executive producer, and an entrepreneurial mentor. During more than two decades of strategic planning and business development in Corporate America and as an entrepreneur, Wilkov has perfected skills in fostering teamwork, communication, collaboration and success at every level of an organization and business.

As a keynote speaker, Ms. Wilkov fans the flames of the Human Spirit in each audience member and empowers them with her inspiring message: "You have the right to remain fabulous!" She is an active board member of It Could Happen to You, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the falsely accused and convicted.

Ms. Wilkov has been featured in the Huffington Post, on Bloomberg Radio and So Money, a top podcast hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, as well as in other media interviews.

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For interviews with Ms. Wilkov, please contact or call (917) 727-8434.

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