Coachunt Makes Idea Happen - A Student's Success Story

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Learn Online Courses Anytime
Learn Online Courses Anytime
DELHI, India - Jan. 10, 2017 - PRLog -- Coachunt proudly shares the success story of one of their students, who was able to reach his career goal within a very short span of time. The student expresses his gratitude towards Coachunt for the guidance.

Coachunt, the leading online courses platform, takes pride in sharing the success story of one of their students. Not only one, but they have many such stories to share. This being the special one, they have taken to speak about it publicly. The student opted for their online course that provided step-by-step assistance. When interviewed, the student said that he wanted to learn HTML, PHP and CSS, but since he was working he was not sure of pursuing any course. It is then he came to know about Coachunt's courses online.

As for Coachunt, they feel extremely elated to have been able to assist the student in the right path. A spokesperson of the service provider said, "A few years ago, we started this online platform thinking about individuals who are not very comfortable with the old school learning model. Initially, we met with many frowning eyes, but with our growing success they seem to have become invisible." According to the sources, Keshav (student) never wanted to work under anyone's authority. However, since he was living away from his family, he had to earn something for himself. This is why he started working in a call centre. After learning about Coachunt, he didn't waste much of his time to get enrolled. Just before the completion of the course he had a life-changing accident that made him suffer the consequences.

"Coachunt's courses are flexible and so I could study from anywhere. The online instructors were helpful too," said Keshav. Coachunt's objective has been to bridge the distance between teachers and students, which Keshav feels has been executed wonderfully. The idea of taking up an online course first came in his mind when he joined the call centre. There he befriended a colleague who was earning huge profits by working as a freelance web developer. And since then there has been no stop for him.

He too started off as a freelancer, but now he is able to set up a physical office and has currently recruited a few employees. He has now moved to his native place again. Keshav has recently sent a letter to Coachunt, personally thanking the instructor who has helped him grow so much and set standards for others.


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